Friday, 19 February 2010

£100,000 Flood Scheme For Fiskerton

A £100,000 project could soon be underway to relieve Fiskerton of a flooding problem that has dogged the village for more than 20 years.

An open meeting has been called for Thursday 4th March 2010 to discuss innovative plans to intercept water from the north of the village and then divert it through existing pipes under the village - rather than through it - to the drains to the south and then out to the North Delph.

The meeting, in the village hall at 7.30pm, will seek support from the local community. If this is forthcoming the work could take place over two weeks in August later this year.

West Lindsey District Council, the Third Witham Internal Drainage Board, Morris Homes and the parish council have been working on a scheme to reduce the amount of ground water getting into the sewage and drainage systems to reduce the risk of flooding all over the village.

West Lindsey's Public Protection Manager, Mr. Chris Allen, said:
"There is still detailed design work to be done and some finance has yet to be secured.
"But if something is not done the problems will only get worse and the public meeting will be a chance for local people to get answers to their questions and be reassured about the project."
The new scheme is designed to resist a six hour storm with an additional 30% capacity built in to allow for climate change.

Mr. Allen added:
"The resilience of this proposed scheme far exceeds anything else being planned in the district with the period 2085 to 2115 being the storm event size, including climate change, that is being planned for.

"We believe the scheme will relieve at least six known problem areas in the village by allowing the existing systems to function normally. In turn this will allow us to focus our attention on repairs and upgrades that are actually needed."

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