Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Eureka! Timetable for Lincoln to London Direct Train Service Announced

On Sunday, 22nd May 2011 the biggest timetable change for twenty years is due to come into effect. This change will see more seats, more services and faster journeys on most routes.

The proposed timetable has been developed by the industry over the past decade. So significant and dynamic is the change it has been branded 'Eureka!' in order to signify how much the project is a major breakthrough for the flagship East Coast Main Line.

Yesterday local commuters at Lincoln Central Station learnt details of the new direct Lincoln to London train services scheduled, following a six month delay, to begin in net year. A total of fourteen services between London and Lincoln will operate in addition to the current East Coast service via Nottingham.

The typical journey time to London will be approximately one hour and fifty minutess which is at least one hour faster than current direct service operated by East Midlands Trains and shaves fifteen minutes off a passengers journey who elects to change trains at Newark.

The average journey time from London will be one hour forty-five minutes, again besting by at least one hour the current direct service operated by East Midlands Trains.

This is a new service from East Coast and provides a major improvement for Lincolnshire's transport links to the capital.

The first train of the day is proposed to depart Lincoln for the capitol at 07:22 arriving at 09:18 whilst the final train of the day would depart at 19:25 arriving at 21:20.

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