Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Central Lincolnshire Planning Committee Set Sights on Local Development Framework

Local people can now see how Central Lincolnshire is set to shape up as the area's inter-authority planning committee kicks-off its first major project.

The Central Lincolnshire Planning Committee has approved its Local Development Scheme - its first major project since forming in November 2009.

Vice Chairman of the Central Lincolnshire Planning Committee and Leader of the City of Lincoln Council, Cllr. Darren Grice, Conservative (Bracebrdge Ward) said:
"The approval of this first key document is a real milestone for the Committee and shows how partners are committed to delivering co-ordinated developments and decisions across the whole area."
The Local Development Scheme outlines a three-year timetable for the production of the Local Development Framework that will be prepared for Central Lincolnshire. It sets out the current Development Plan and the schedule of proposed local development documents.

In addition, the Local Development Scheme highlights other schemes that will start after the first three years. It is hoped this forward-thinking approach will make sure all partners are fully prepared to carry out future projects.

Cllr. Grice stated that:
"The LDS brings together the aspirations of all partners, and with a number of major schemes set to develop in the near future, it ensures areas within and beyond authorities' boundaries are developed consistently and efficiently."
People can see the full LDS by visiting North Kesteven District, West Lindsey District, City of Lincoln or Lincolnshire County Councils' websites.

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