Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Swine Flu Advice

From tomorrow (Thursday, 11th February 2010) people who think they have Swine Flu are being urged to contact their doctor by phone.

The advice follows the continuing reduction in the number of swine flu cases in the United Kingdom and around the world which means the National Pandemic Flu Service will also stand down on Thursday and the 24-hour hotline and website will close.

After the telephone contact doctors will issue a voucher for anti virals (tamiflu) to be collected by the patient's flu friend - someone who does not have the virus.

West Lindsey's Public Protection Services Manager, Mr. Chris Allen said:
"We are fortunate that swine flu has not affected as many people as the health experts first thought and we have in place business continuity plans to ensure we can maintain essential services to the community throughout any future epidemic.

"I would like to thank all residents who acted as flu friends for family, friends and neighbours showing the strength of our community in West Lindsey."
The Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, described the current levels of pandemic flu as 'very low' and the second wave of swine flu that began in Autumn was 'virtually over.'

Swine flu has claimed four hdrd and eleven lives in the United Kingdom and more than fifteen thousand around the world - much lower numbers of cases than was original feared. Some one hundred and twenty-four people remain in hospital in the United Kingdon and twenty-four of them are described as critical. However, the five thousand reported cases a week in the United Kingdom is well below the seasonal average for flu-like symptoms.

Health bosses have advised that residents in the following at-risk groups should still be immunised:
  • Children over six months but under five years
  • Pregnant women
  • People who live with immuno-compromised individuals.

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