Friday, 12 February 2010

West Lindsey Consults About Where Gypsies and Travellers Pitches Should Go

A second stage of consultation to find the best locations for sites for additional gypsy and traveller pitches in West Lindsey was launched at the beginning of February.

The East Midlands Regional Plan says that a minimum of 22 more pitches have to be found in the district and the consultation also invites comments on the criteria that should be applied to proposed new sites.

Local people have until Friday, 19th March 2010 to comment.

General locations for sites have been identified on the basis of accessibility to existing services and facilities. Areas under consideration are:
  • Land within 2.5 kilometres from Brigg, Gainsborough, Lincoln and Market Rasen
  • Land within 2.5 kilometres of the centre of Caistor and those villages that are classified as Primary Rural Settlements and at least have a general store and a school. These villages are:
    • North Kelsey
    • Scotter
    • Blyton
    • Morton
    • Hemswell Cliff
    • Ingham
    • Middle Rasen
    • Welton
    • Dunholme
    • Saxilby
    • Nettleham
    • Reepham
    • Cherry Willingham
    • Fiskerton
    • Bardney
As a guideline it is suggested that no site near a town should exceed 12 pitches, and that any proposed sites near villages, and Caisitor which is much smaller than the other towns, should not be larger than five pitches.

Consultation Forms are available on request from (01427) 676567 or by email from

Interim Planning Manager John Ware, said:
"We are keen to receive people's views about the proposed locations and site related considerations together with any supporting factual information - for example related to existing sites and their occupation. Details of other sites that people think might be suitable for further provision would also be welcome"
The subject of gypsy and traveller sites can be emotional and misunderstood, so West Lindsey has organised workshops for its own staff, councillors and parish councillors so they can better understand the issues and how to resolve them.

This consultation provides a further opportunity to consider the best general locations for future provision before individual sites are considered and the Council looks forward to receiving people's views.

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