Wednesday, 24 March 2010

David Cameron Responds to Labour's Empty Budget

Mr. David Cameron, Conservative (Whitney), Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, has responded in the House of Commons to the Chancellor's presentation of the last Budget before the general election.

He said Labour
"have made a complete mess of the British economy and they are totally failing to clean it up." 
Mr. Cameron set out the big argument in British politics: Labour say 'don’t do anything before the election, let’s just sit tight and keep our fingers crossed', and the Conservatives say 'we need real action to get our economy moving – and urgently'.

Highlighting new policies that copied existing Conservative proposals, such as the stamp duty cut and new university places, he said the "
only new ideas in British politics are coming from this side of the House" and that "the only thing Labour bring are debt, waste and taxes."
The figures that stands out above any other, he said, was that Labour have 'doubled the national debt, and they’re going to double it again'.

Outlining the Government's failure Mr. Cameron criticised 'all those schemes that they launched with great fanfare' for failing to help enough people. He also drew comparisons on the state of the economy when Labour came to power to the present – including the huge increase in the debt and deficit, and a falling down the global league tables in terms of competitiveness, tax and regulation.

We need a credible plan to deal with Britain’s record debts", he said, criticising the Chancellor’s repeated hope to halve the deficit by 2014 as giving us a deficit "almost as big as when Denis Healey went to the IMF in the 1970s".

Moving on to the delay in dealing with the deficit, he said 'the risk to recovery is not in dealing with the deficit now, it’s in not dealing with the deficit now". Mr. Cameron said that 'every family knows that when your debts mount up, you need to start paying them off or things will only get worse', and that it is time for the Government to learn the same lessons.

"The Prime Minister and Chancellor faced a choice – between bold action in an election year or playing politics. Once again, they chose politics."
Mr. Cameron also emphasised the need 'to show the world that we are back open for business', saying that because Labour 'flunked the difficult decisions on spending, they are raising tax after tax after tax – all after the election'. 'These are the ticking tax bombshells timed to go off the day after the election and that will destroy our recovery.'

He said that the greatest risk to Britain's economic recovery was another Labour government. He said:
"No one has yet thought of a question to which the answer is five more years of this Prime Minister.
"We need a credible plan to cut the deficit. We need an unleashing of enterprise across the nation. We need a plan to boost employment through radical welfare and school reform. If ever there was a time when this country needed a radical change of direction it is now."
Mr. Cameron concluded that Britain needs a Conservative government 'to clean up the mess made by this Labour Government'.
"Britain needs new energy, leadership and values to get this country moving again. That’s the argument we’ll take to the country the moment the Prime Minister has been forced by the law of the land to call the election he has avoided for so long."

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