Friday, 5 March 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Nettleham Football Club Torn Up By Vandal Car Driver!

Mr. Charles Shaw, the Secretary to the Nettleham Football Club, has reported that earlier today he received a telephone call which informed him that a car had been driven onto the main football pitch at Mulsanne Park, shortly before 3.00pm on Friday, 5th March 2010.

A member of the public is reported to have been strolling round the perimeter of the field who confirms that a car was driven, at speed, down the pathway towards the tennis courts, then having passed behind the football stadium's panel fencing, it was driven onto the main football pitch through the gap in the rail fencing, at the north eastern corner, and then in a loop through the goalposts, and (after reversing) driven off the pitch and out of the park.

Mr. Shaw says:
"That the vehicle was driven fast enough to rip up the turf, the only consolation was that it was this Friday and not a week ago when the surface was saturated."
The member of the public describes the car as a medium red hatchback, and a female member of the public who the first met near the pavilion is reported to have stated that part of the car was black, either a replacement door or panel, unfortunately she could only remember seeing a driver in the car, but no additional details.

Nettleham Parish Councillor, Giles McNeill, Chairman of the Mulsanne Park Users Committee, said:
"The Parish Council, in partnership with Nettleham Football Club and other user clubs, put in a lot of hard work to provide the facilities at Mulsanne Park and to think that there are people who would treat these facilities with such disrespect is saddening. I understand that the neighbourhood policing team have been contacted and I hope they will seriously investigate this matter to the fullest possible extent.
"It is my hope that an initiative that I was pleased to spearhead to hire a security guard for random, frequent inspections of the site, which will begin in April, will act as a deterrant to the people who cause these senseless acts."

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