Thursday, 18 March 2010

Lib Dems Show No Respect For Duty or Local Residents

Last year, one of West Lindsey's district councillors, Cllr. Peter Heath, Liberal Democrat (Scampton Ward), resigned.

He resigned in such away that it guaranteed that local residents would have no representation at West Lindsey for half of the year.

Stepping down on Thursday, 5th November 2009, meant that it was too close to the local government elections, scheduled for Thursday, 6th May 2010, so a by-election would not be held. So the residents of Aisthorpe, Brattleby, Cammeringham, Fillingham, Glentworth, Ingham, Scampton and Thorpe-In-The-Fallows have been left without a Councillor for six months.

Local residents have been rightly annoyed. Those applying for Planning Permission, for example, who would normally turn to their district councillor, if they had questions or issues that needed resolving, have had to struggle on.

Residents across the district are dismayed at the disrespectful way that Liberal Democrats treat their offices and duty to local people.

One Liberal Democrat District Councillor is known to be on a four month cruise, and has been holidaying since January, although council workers have been embargoed from discussing the matter publicly.

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