Monday, 1 March 2010

West Lindsey Agrees to Idemnify Legal Costs Former Chief Executive and Leader

The Market Rasen Mail is reporting that West Lindsey District Council has agreed to indemnify the legal costs of former Leader of the Council, Cllr. Bernard Theobald, Independent (Wold View Ward) and or retiring Chief Executive, Mr. Duncan Sharkey, who is taking up a new post with Worcester City Council, if either is sued following publication of a report by the Audit Commission.

The Audit Commission report, which is believed to be critical of Cllr. Theobald's leadership of the authority, was pre-published, as a draft, to those concerned, for comment before final publication, last November and the Audit Commission had been expected to publish the full report in December 2009.
It has not yet done so because of legal challenges by Cllr. Theobald whose successor Cllr. Adam Duguid, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward) said West Lindsey would act as a 'shield not a sword' for Cllr. Theobald and Mr. Sharkey. The paper reports Cllr. Duguid as saying:

"If either of them are sued, we will pay up to £10,000 if they are defendants in proceedings.
"If they lose a case, they will have to repay any amount paid. This does not cover criminal proceedings nor actions by the Standards Board and it does not cover Cllr. Theobald's legal expenses in presently challenging the Audit Commission report."
It is understood that Cllr. Theobald will be meeting with his legal team this week.

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