Friday, 23 April 2010

BNP's Manifesto Would Bankrupt Britain

Anticipating the launch today of the BNP manifesto, Nothing British has released a report 'Britain under the BNP' analysing the effects BNP policies would have on Britain: it finds that ordinary families it would mean severe increase in their cost of living, their tax bill, and the risk of violent crime.

The full report and a one page summary can be downloaded from

Nothing British research finds:
  • BNP tariffs would cost ordinary taxpayers thousands of pounds, and lead to long waiting lists for goods such as electronics, food, clothes and medicine. Nothing British research calculates that the average person in Britain would be £3,300 worse off from the effects of tariffs.
  • The BNP's emigration policy would expel up to six million British citizens, create a two tier system of public services between 'indigenous Britons' and ethnic minorities, and create a new Section-28 style ban on the 'promotion of racial integration'
  • The BNP would break up popular shops such as Tescos, Primark and Ikea, raising prices on basic goods significantly. World-leading British companies would flee to New York or Tokyo so they could keep recruiting the best from across the world, losing millions of jobs and causing mass unemployment.
  • The BNP would have to raise VAT to unprecedented levels of at least 50% in order to pay for an enormous income tax cut for the rich.
  • The BNP's law and order policies plan to bring back the death penalty, censor popular television shows such as Eastenders, and make it compulsory to keep an assault rifle in your street, risking a significant increase in violence on the streets.
  • The election of BNP government would cause an enormous increase in the risk premium and cost of British debt. This would lead to spiralling inflation, bankrupt public services and interest rates back in the double digits.
  • The BNP would turn Britain into a pariah state on the world stage. They plan to withdraw us from Afghanistan, NATO and the European Union, and cause significant damage to our international reputation, ruining our £115 bn tourism industry.
James Bethell, Director of Nothing British, commented:
"The BNP’s manifesto shows a party more concerned with their loony racial ideology than looking out for ordinary voters.
"The BNP’s policies would double the cost of your shopping bill, unleash assault rifles onto our streets and divide our society along racial lines."
James Bethell will be taking the protest against the BNP's racism and extremism to Stoke where he will be leading a demonstation of Veterans against the BNP.

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