Monday, 19 April 2010

Celebration to Mark the Success of the Future Jobs Fund

A special celebration event will be held next month to mark the success of the Future Jobs Fund .

So far a staggering 49 people have been placed in jobs since October - thanks to the Future Jobs Fund scheme.

West Lindsey District Council received £585,000 from central Government to create the jobs after Gainsborough was considered 'an unemployment hotspot'.

Mrs. Nicoya Palastanga, Employment and Skills Project Manager, was delighted with the success so far. She said:
"The event will celebrate the successes of those who have been employed through Future Jobs Fund, their qualifications, personal achievements, and there will be some fun awards too.

"Hopefully it will give some additional recognition for the organisations who have worked with these individuals and contributed to the success.

"It is an ideal opportunity for everyone to get together with significant partners, to see what everyone has been doing."
The event, which is the first of its kind in Lincolnshire, is being held at Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney on Wednesday, 12th May 2010.

Hill Holt Wood and West Lindsey District Council have been working in partnership to successfully deliver FJF since October 2009.

A wide variety of jobs have already been created as part of the scheme.

These include forestry assistants, gardeners, joiners, sawmill operatives, Solar PV engineers, farm assistants, rangers, traffic management assistants and many more.

Mrs. Palastanga said:
"Rather than creating jobs and then filling them, we look at the individuals who come through the door and try and create their job that will fit their experience and skills."
Mr. James McQuiston, of Washingborough, has secured a two-year contract with Freewatt, a renewable energy company, which specialises in solar pv systems.

He was part-trained through an apprenticeship as an electrical engineer but the company he was working for closed. He said:
"I actually applied for a gardening assistant job as I was applying for anything just to get some work.

"If it was not for Lucy Picksley the Future Jobs Fund Coordinator at the council I would not have got this job."
Mr. McQuiston will start college in September as part of his training and on completion he will be a fully qualified Part P electrician and a photovoltaic (pv) installation engineer. He added:
"I am so happy. I would definitely urge people to keep applying for jobs - you never know what will come up."
James welcomed the idea of going to the celebratory event. He said:
"I think it is a great idea - it will be a good opportunity to meet other people who have been successful through the scheme."
Mr. Gary Dixon engineering manager at Freewatt said James has really taken to the job.

He said:
"FJF is just what we needed. We are a small upcoming company and to start employing people we have to get it right. With James coming in it gives us the opportunity to train him up.

"Not only has the FJF scheme benefitted James it has also suited us as well."
West Lindsey Council has just 18 months to deliver 90 new jobs as part of the Future Jobs Fund scheme, but the news shows they are on track to meet the target.

Mrs. Karen Lowthrop, Chief Executive Officer of Hill Holt Wood, said:
"Social Enterprises have been identified as a key partner in delivering Future Jobs Fund programme in partnerships with local authorities.
"The work of social enterprises contributes greatly to economic development in the most deprived areas as well as the broader welfare agenda.

"Hill Holt Wood has a history of delivering employment skills and training to the most excluded groups and are pleased to be working with WLDC."

The event in May will last for most of the day and will include many activities for the Future Job Fund employees.

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