Saturday, 3 April 2010

Nettleham Burial Ground Grievance is Badly Reported in Lincolnshire Echo

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The Lincolnshire Echo is reporting that a mother grieving the loss of her teenage son has been ordered to remove memorabilia from his grave. Ryan Hides was just 17 years-old when his scooter collided with a car in Dunholme Road, Scothern, on Monday, 15th September 2008.

His mother, Mrs. Joanne Green is reported to have since tried to carry on for the sake of her family and other children, despite her overwhelming grief. Her grieving, it is reported, has been helped by raising money for charity, joining a scooter club and conscientiously ensuring that Ryan's grave, misreported by the Lincolnshire Echo as being in Nettleham Road Cemetery, but in fact his mortal remains have been interred in Nettleham Parish Council's Burial Ground on the High Street, Nettleham, is kept neat and tidy - although the parish council would dispute this.

The paper reports that bosses - or more accurately the council unanimously - have told her that she has to remove everything from the grave - images of scooters, a postcard and flowers and other grave goods- apart from one pot, for flowers.

The paper reports Mrs. Green as saying that:
"If I had known that this would happen, I would never have had him buried there."
The paper reports that in a statement 'the council said Mrs. Green signed a document to say she agreed with the rules' - however, as you can read here, this is not what is in the statement. The paper reports that Mrs. Green says she did not sign anything, which it is understood is correct. It is my understanding that paperwork relating to the interment of Ryan's mortal remains was handled by his father.

The paper makes no mention of the year and a half of on-going communication between the family and the parish council trying to resolve issues and as the Council heard at it's last meeting, Mrs. Green is consumed with grief, and has been unwilling to uphold the agreement entered into with regard to the proper maintenance of grave goods.

In conclusion the paper, despite being provided a full and comprehensive statement on this matter by the parish council, has failed to produce an article worthy of publication, it is full of errors and misrepresentations.

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