Friday, 23 April 2010

A Record Number of Candidates are Fighting the General Election

With nominations for the six hundred and fifty constituencies now closed, it has been confirmed that a record four thousand one hundred and forty-nine candidates are standing at this general election - equivalent to six point candidates per seat across the United Kingdom.

1987 (2,325) was probably the last time when the average constituency in England saw a three-way fight (alongside (four-way contests in Scotland and Wales).

In 1992 (2,948) we then saw the emergence of hundreds of extra candidates from the Green Party and the Natural Law Party, whilst 1997 (3,724) then saw the intervention of the Referendum Party, which stood in the vast majority of seats.

The total dipped in 2001 (3,133), but has since continued to rise, arriving at that figure of just over four thousand for this year's general election.

According to the Press Association, four minor parties are fighting more than 100 constituencies, which are:

United Kingdom Independence Party - 557
British National Party - 337
Green - 334
English Democrats - 106

There are more than one hundred other minor parties putting up candidates, with more than three hundred individuals standing as Independents as well.

In the Gainsborough Constituency the candidates are:

Edward Leigh, Conservative
Pat O'Connor, Liberal Democrat
Jamie McMahon, Labour
Steven Pearson, United Kingdom Independence Party
Malcolm Porter, British National Party

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