Friday, 2 April 2010

Residents Fear After Newtoft Fire

The Market Rasen Mail is reporting that residents fears, about the combustible materials alledged to be stored at the former RAF Faldingworth site near Newtoft, following a fire have been allayed by West Lindsey District Council.

Mr. John Gilbert, who lives in Newtoft, was the first on the scene, the paper reports, when a blaze broke out at a hanger at the former RAF Faldingworth. He called police and two fire appliances were sent out to deal with it. Environmental officers were also on site.

"I was walking my dogs when I smelled the paricular odour of this fire. I recognised it because in 2005 there had been a previous fire and the fumes were so noxious, residents were told to stay indoors, not hang washing out, not let pets out, or open windows on what was the hottest day of that year."
Mr. Gilbert expressed fears that the hanger is close to where explosions are stored and he fears it is not safe. He claims that planning permission was granted for the storage of plaster boards he doesn't believe a change of use application was ever submitted to allow the storage of hazardous materials.
"The meat and bonemeal stored there is used to furnace power stations. It is a dangerous combustible product in a hnager full of holes that allows air and moisture in."
The hanger is managed by A. Hughes & Son of Skellingthorpe, the paper reports that company did not wish to comment.

A spokesman for West Lindsey District Council is reported to have said a minor fire at the site had been put out by the operator.

"The site owner has reported that the fire was the result of action by intruders after the warehouse had been broken into. An investigation into the cause of the fire is being carried out and one suggestion is that it might have been started by lights being left on in close proximity to a heap of bone meal."
"Core temperatures of the bone meal – taken to avoid the dangers of spontaneous combustion – are checked at least weekly, and on the Friday before Sunday's fire and no problems were reported. The Council is unaware of any breaches planning permission"

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