Thursday, 27 May 2010

Homes Not Damaged By Explosive Testing Says Report

The Lincolnshire Echo is reporting that a new report has rejected residents' claims that explosions from a testing site in Faldingworth are causing structural damage to homes Faldingworth Defence Ltd. (formerly Skydock), which operates at the former RAF Faldingworth site, has always denied any such link and says cracks in people's homes are due to the clay sub-grade on which they are built.

The site is used to test military ordnance and hardware, such as the standard field tests of protective armour plate in support of Ministry of Defence development work.

West Lindsey District Council has now made a noise and vibration impact report, by Atkins Ltd., available on its website.

It concludes that the explosions are too loud and noise should be kept below 115 decibels if the number of complaints is to be reduced. The original proposed maximum decibel level was 120 decibels. However, the report also found noise and vibration levels were unlikely to damage properties. Recommendations include better public relations from Skydock, improved notification of testing and more effective noise monitoring.

Mr. Humpage of the
Faldingworth Residents Against
Storage and Testing group.
Mr. David Humpage, a composer who lives in nearby Toft-next-Newton, remaines unconvinced that anything would improve. He told the paper:
"True, the report recommends a 115 decibels limit, but it also says there's no way to make that enforceable.

"As the brief was to deliver something 'usable in court', this aspect was a waste of money.

"The bulk of the report is unsubstantiated gossip culminating in the recommendations to keep monitoring, keep trying to get Richard Briggs of Skydock to give warnings and that Mr Briggs should have a big PR campaign to tell people of the 'importance' of what he's doing.

"We've complained to West Lindsey District Council that we didn't fund this absurdly expensive report just so that our money could be used to tell Briggs how to shut us up."
Mr. Chris Allen, public protection services manager at the district council, said the report was commissioned to give the authority expert guidance, including where enforcement action would be appropriate.

"The difficulty we have in this case is identifying or balancing the right of a legitimate business to operate and the concerns of residents around the site and their right to peace and quiet."
The district council has issued more than one thousand questionnaires to gauge more widespread opinion, which must be returned by the end of tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Benefit Cheat Must Repay £3,700

A Reepham man has to repay more than £3,700 in benefits he received when he was not entitled to them.
Mr. Norman Stanislawski, of Kennel Lane, Reepham pleaded guilty at Lincoln Magistrates Court to failing to declare a change of circumstances which affected his entitlement to housing and council tax benefit.
In a prosecution brought by West Lindsey District Council, the court heard that the offence was discovered following a data matching exercise.

It revealed tax and national insurance payments had been made when Mr. Stanislawski had told the council he was not working.

At first, Mr. Stanislawski denied the offence. He later admitted he had been working and gave details of his own job, his wife's work and confirmed that working tax credits had also increased and he had not notified anyone.

Mr. Stanislawski was ordered to do sixty hours of unpaid community work and will have to pay £50 costs.
In line with council policy, he will also have to repay back the overpayment of £3,754.68.

Lincoln's Liberal Democrat Confirms Conservative Rule of City Council

Cllr. Mrs. Helen Heath
Cllr. Mrs. Helen Heath, Liberal Democrat (Carholme Ward) has decided to support the incumbent administration on Lincoln City Council, which means the authority remaining under Conservative Control, mirroring events nationally and the the formation of the Coalition Government. The Lincolnshire Echo reports her decision was based on a 'dissatisfaction' with Labour's previous reign of power.

Cllr. Mrs. Heath's announcement came at a meeting yesterday and prompted an outraged reply from Labour's Group Leader Cllr. Ric Metcalfe, Labour (Glebe Ward). He talked of Cllr. Mrs Heath now being the 'seventeenth member' of the Conservative Group, although Cllr. Mrs. Heath sits as a Liberal Democrat.

Cllr. Ric Metcalfe
The leader of the opposition at the City of Lincoln Council attacked the lone Liberal Democrat for showing 'breathtaking arrogance' after she backed the Conservatives at City Hall. Cllr.Metcalfe said:
"I have to say it's done nothing to enhance her claim of independence and to hear her trotting out nonsense on independence is laughable.

"She didn't come to the council until 2007, but claims we made mistakes which has led her to back the Tories. It speaks of breathtaking arrogance from her. Labour ran the council extremely competently for years and you can see the incompetence in the Conservatives.

"She is saying she will keep the Conservative administration at arm's length, however she seems to warmly embrace it."
The decision on the ruling administration had been left uncertain for nearly three weeks after the council had no overall control following the elections on Thursday, 6th May 2010. The public vote saw Conservative and Labour holding 16 seats apeice, after Labour gained two from the Conservatives.

Cllr. Metcalfe's anger may be a result that he did, in fact, win the election. The Labour Party gained two seats from the Conservatives and polled more votes. The Conservative recieved 14,277 which was almost a thousand votes less than Labour who recieved 15,220. The Liberal Democrats came third with 9,482.

Cllr. Mrs. Heath is reported to have said:
"My decision has been reached after consideration of local needs and has not been dictated by colleagues at Westminster.

"I am not satisfied that the previous Labour administration's management of the city's budget was robust enough during their time in office, nor am I satisfied they would be prepared to make the tough and even unpopular decisions that the current financial climate requires.

"I remain unconvinced the Labour group is sufficiently flexible or pragmatic enough to work effectively with either the new MP, or a Tory dominated county council."
The Lincolnshire Echo summerise her as saying that the Conservatives were 'more flexible' and that there is a better chance of getting her party's 'key priorities' delivered by supporting a Conservative-led authority.

West Lindsey Committee Appointments Made

Following West Lindsey District Council's Annual Council Meeting on Monday evening the committee appointments have been made for the comming year.

Chairman of West Lindsey District Council

Cllr. Owen Bierley, Conservative (Yarborough Ward)

Vice-Chairman of West Lindsey District Council

Cllr. William Parry, Conservative (Scottor Ward)

Leader of West Lindsey District Council

Cllr. Burt Keimach, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward) - Leader of the Conservative Group

Deputy Leader of West Lindsey District Council

Cllr. Mrs. Irmgard Parrott, Conservative (Chery Willingham) - Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group

Leader & Deputy Leader of the Opposition*

Cllr. Reg Shore, Liberal Democrat (Stow Ward) - Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group
Cllr. David Cotton, Liberal Democrat (Saxilby Ward) - Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

Planning Committee

Cllr. Chirs Underwood Frost, Conservative (Scottor Ward) -

Cllr. Stuart Curtis, Conservative (Sudbrooke Ward) -

Cllr. Owen Bierley, Conservative (Yarborough Ward)
Cllr. Alan Caine, Independent (Caistor Ward)
Cllr. Ian Fleetwood, Conservative (Bardney Ward)
Cllr. Alf Frith, Liberal Democrat (Nettleham Ward)
Cllr. Malcolm Leaning, Liberal Democrat (Nettleham Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Judy Rainsforth, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough South West)
Cllr. Lewis Strange, Conservative (Kelsey Ward)

Community and Waste Services Committee

Cllr. Mrs. Jackie Brockway, Conservative (Saxilby Ward)

Cllr. Geoff Wiseman, Conservative (Middle Rasen)

Cllr. Owen Bierley, Conservative (Yarborough Ward)
Cllr. David Cotton, Liberal Democrat (Saxilby Ward)
Cllr. Stuart Kinch, Conservative (Torksey Ward)
Cllr. Angela Lawrence, Conservative (Caistor Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Jessie Milne, Conservative (Lea Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Judy Rainsforth, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough South West)
Cllr. Mrs. Lesley Rollings, Liberal Democrat (Thonock Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Heather Shore, Liberal Democrat (Scampton Ward)

Organisation and Resources Committee

Cllr. Mrs. Meg Davidson, Conservative (Fiskerton Ward)

Cllr. Mrs. Anne Welburn, Conservative (Cherry Willingham Ward)

Cllr. K. Bridger, Liberal Democrat (Market Rasen Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Jackie Brockway, Conservative (Saxilby)
Cllr. Tom Brown, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough North)
Cllr. David Cotton, Liberal Democrat (Saxilby Ward)
Cllr. Burt Kiemach, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward)
Cllr. Reg Shore, Liberal Democrat (Stow Ward)
Cllr. Jeff Summers, Conservative (Waddingham & Spital Ward)

Performance Management & Scrutiny Committee

Cllr. Mike Tinker, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East)

Vice Chairman
Cllr. Stuart Kinch, Conservative (Torksey Ward)

Cllr. David Cotton, Liberal Democrat (Saxilby Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Irmgard Parrott, Conservative (Cherry Willingham Ward)
Cllr. William Parry, Conservative (Scottor Ward)
Cllr. Tom Regis, Conservative (Wold View Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Diana Rodgers, Conservative (Welton Ward)
Cllr. Kristan Smith, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East)
Cllr. Mel Starkey, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East)
Cllr. Mrs. Anne Welburn, Conservative (Cherry Willingham Ward)

Economic Development and Regeneration Committee

Cllr. Jeff Summers, Conservative (Waddingham & Spital)

Vice Chairman
Cllr. Mrs. Diana Rodgers, Conservative (Welton Ward)

Cllr. Paul Howitt-Cowan, Conservative (Hemswell)
Cllr. Mrs. Jessie Milne, Conservative (Lea Ward)
Cllr. Malcolm Parish, Conservative (Welton Ward)
Cllr. William Parry, Conservative (Scottor Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Lesley Rollings, Liberal Democrat (Thonock Ward) Cllr. Mel Starkey, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East)
Cllr. Mike Tinker, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East)
Cllr. Trevor Young, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough South West)

Audit Committee

Cllr. Mrs. S. Rawlins, Conservative (Dunholme Ward)

Cllr. Mrs. G. Bardsley, Conservative (Gainsborough North Ward)

Cllr. Ken Bridger, Liberal Democrat (Market Rasen Ward)
Cllr. Mrs. Meg Davidson, Conservative (Fiskerton Ward)
Cllr. Paul Howitt-Cowan, Conservative (Hemswell Ward)
Cllr. Burt Kiemach, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward)
Cllr. Pat O'Connor, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough North Ward)
Cllr. Kristan Smith, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East Ward)
Cllr. Mike Tinker, Liberal Democrat (Gainsborough East Ward)
Cllr. Chris Underwood Frost, Conservative (Scotter Ward)

*Not a Council confirmed appointment.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New Leader Appointed to West Lindsey District Council

Cllr. Burt Keimach, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward), is the new leader of West Lindsey District Council.

The Conservative Group, which has the ruling majority on West Lindsey District Council, elected their new leader last Thursday (more here).
Cllr. Keimach was chosen from the twenty-two strong Conservative Group, on the council, to take over from Mr. Adam Duguid, who lost his seat in the local elections at the start of May.
The Market Rasen representative was voted into office at Monday night's full council meeting.
Cllr Keimach said:
"I look forward to working with everybody within the authority and will continue to deliver our services at the lowest costs. I look forward to developing strong relationships both with the officers and our external partners, which I believe is crucial to driving the authority forward.I have an open approach to working and I welcome practical ideas and suggestions to deliver the very best service.West Lindsey has one of the lowest council tax increases and I want to strive to continue to keep it as low as possible. I want to make sure we continue the on-going work in Gainsborough and see the swimming pool promised for Market Rasen come to fruition."

The former Mayor of Market Rasen, is also a County Councillor for the Market Rasen Wolds Division.
He is married to Elizabeth and he has two children and one grandchild. Cllr. Keimach was educated at Harvard University and has a master degree from the University of London. His work background is in journalism and public relations.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Arson Attack At Mulsanne Park

The Nettleham Bowls Club's efforts to stay financially afloat have been thwarted by arsonists have been dashed, when  last Sunday morning when a skip containing four tonnes of newspaper was set alight, report the Lincolnshire Echo today.

Right: Chairman of Nettleham Bowls Club Mr. Derek Kilby, left, and Vice-Chairman Mr. John Rennison, next to the paper recycling skip.

The Members of Nettleham Bowls Club have operated a weekly newspaper collection scheme around the village for fifteen years. Along with subscriptions, the recycling scheme generates enough cash to keep the fifty-strong club afloat and maintain its green next to Mulsanne Park.

Hopes of buying new maintenance equipment to ensure the green remains in pristine condition have now been scuppered.

Firefighters from the Lincoln North station were called at 10.26am to extinguish the flames and the cause has been identified it as an arson attack.
But the blaze did not just destroy the paper in the skip, valued at £400, but the cost of £780 to pay for the scorched paper to go to landfill.

The club's Vice-Chairman, Mr. John Rennison, is reported to have said the club needs the lost cash, which adds up to two-thirds of its annual income, for maintenance equipment for the greens.
"If it was not for the papers we could not survive. It means we cannot do anything this year.

"A whole year's plans have gone out of the window."
Chairman of the Mulsanne Park Users Committee, Cllr. Giles McNeill, said:
"This is another in a stream of thoughtless attacks that have taken place at Mulsanne Park in recent years. The Parish Council have had to employ security staff for the site and we take these matters very seriously indeed.

"The Parish Council and the Bowls Club do not have any formal ties, but I hope they will consider approaching the council if they feel we offer any support through this difficult period, going forward."

Friday, 21 May 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Conservatives Elect New West Lindsey Group Leader

West Lindsey District Council's Conservative Group elected their new leadership team last night at their Annual General Meeting.

The result of the poll of members of the Conservative Group on the Council has resulted in the elevation from the deputy-ship of Cllr. Burt Kiemach (Market Rasen Ward) who will as Leader, become the new Leader of the Council at the Anuual Council Meeting next month. He has beaten competition from Cllr. Ian Fleetwood (Bardney Ward), tipped by the Lincolnshire Echo as 'frontrunner', and Cllr. Chris Underwood Frost (Scottor Ward).

The group have also elected Cllr. Mrs. Irmgard Parrott (Cherry Willingham Ward) as the new Deputy Group Leader. Who saw off a challenge from Cllr. Geoff Summers (Wadingham & Spital Ward).

Monday, 17 May 2010

Jobs Boost for West Lindsey

Mr. Paul Smith, Managing Director of
E. H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd. who is excited
about the move to West Lindsey.
West Lindsey will become 'a hive' of activity when a new business moves to the region - creating 30 new jobs.

E. H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd. has been granted planning approval by West Lindsey District Council to relocate to the district.

Mr. Paul Smith Managing Director of E. H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd. said: "
This is an exciting development for our company.

"We have been on our present site in the centre of Wragby for almost 100 years and outgrown the space available."
Mr. Smith explained turnover for the business had increased by 40% in 2009 - compared to 2008.

To capitalise on the growth, the business needed more space, better facilities and more up-to-date machinery.

It is hoped the move on to the former Rand Group site on Church Lane, Rand, near Market Rasen, will be complete by January next year.

Mr. Smith added:
"With the purchase of the Rand site, we will have the space to grow the company to meet the current demand for beekeeping equipment, both at home and abroad."
The move from Wragby in neighbouring East Lindsey to West Lindsey will also ensure the current 64 employees can retain their jobs.

It is hoped by 2011 at least 95 full time people will be employed by the company, which manufactures beekeeping and candle-making equipment.

Mr. Smith said:
"We would particularly like to thank West Lindsey District Council, Innovations Lincolnshire, East Lindsey District Council and the East Midlands Development Agency for their fantastic help and support.

"It was essential that our planning application was dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

"The Planning and Economic Regeneration departments of West Lindsey District Council were efficient and helpful and ensured that our application was processed as smoothly as possible."
West Lindsey District Council has worked closely with the company from the pre-application stage to the decision notice being issued.
Ms Rachel Gregory, planning officer for West Lindsey District Council said:
"It was important that an appropriate use was found for the 32 acre site, but it had to be a use which would not adversely affect the amenity of the surrounding countryside, highways safety or near neighbours living conditions.

"The planning application did not including any new buildings. The applicant demonstrated that they employ people from the local area and would be creating more jobs within the district.

"Overall this was considered to be a sustainable use for the site and a benefit to the local rural community."
There will be some internal alterations to the new site, which will include the creation of a sales/showroom area and storage and distribution area within the existing office building.
Some of the existing workshops will be used for manufacturing processes.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Lib Dem Councillor is Kingmaker on Lincoln City Council

A single councillor holds the balance of power on the City of Lincoln Council, but a week after local elections Cllr. Mrs. Helen Heath, Liberal Democrat (Carholme Ward) is yet to decide how to use it.

The City of Lincoln Council poll last Thursday resulted in Conservatives and Labour having 16 seats each.

Despite the cordial relations developing in Westminster between Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg amd Prime Minister David Cameron with thier coalition government, Cllr. Mrs. Heath has told the Lincolnshire Echo that no-one was dictating her decision.

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats told the paper that the party believes in 'localism and the right of locally elected representatives to make decisions'.

Cllr. Mrs. Heath is understood to be in talks with both Conservative and Labour groups. Whichever side she backs will in theory have the majority of the votes.

If she backs nobody, the Conservatives may still lead the next council as the new mayor, who is a Conservative Councillor, will have a casting vote.

The current deputy mayor, Cllr. Geoff Kirby, Conservative (Hartsholme Ward)  is set to be made mayor on Tuesday, 25th May 2010.

Cllr. Mrs. Heath told the Lincolnshire Echo:
"I am not looking for concessions and I won't be taking anyone's whip. I will essentially be taking an item by item approach. I am not prepared to make a decision at the moment."

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

West Lindsey District Council Leadership Contenders Emerge

West Lindsey District Council's ruling Conservative group were left leaderless after voters in the Market Rasen Ward kicked out the council's leader Adam Duguid, who had become the Conservative leader in January earlier this year.

Following a net gain of one seat in local elections the Conservatives now have the opportunity to select a new group leader who will ultimately become Leader of the Council, and are expected to do so at the Group's Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 20th May 2010.

The first names to emerge into fray are Cllr. Ian Fleetwood, Conservative (Bardney Ward) and Cllr. Chris Underwood-Frost, Conservative (Scottor Ward). Two men from opposite sides of the district - Scotter in the north-west and Bardney in the south-east.

Cllr. Fleetwood previously held the position of Conservative Group Leader at the authority and is also a Lincolnshire County Council member representing the Bardney and Cherry Willingham Division. In previous contests Cllr. Underwood Frost has also feature as a possible leadership figure.

Cllr. Burt Keimach, Deputy Leader under Adam Duguid's leadership is also expected to enter the leadership contest.

Cllr. Geoff Summers, Conservaitve (Middle Rasen Ward) and Cllr. Jeff Summers, Conservative (Waddingham & Spital Ward) are both expected to enter the race for Deputy Leader.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Search For Oil Continues In Fiskerton

The Lincolnshire Echo is reporting that drilling tests searching for oil under a disused RAF airfield in Lincolnshire have been allowed to continue.

Cirque Energy (UK) Limited has until Wednesday, 31st March 2011, to complete its investigations near Fiskerton after Lincolnshire County Council granted the company more time.
The energy business had been required to stop work at Fiskerton Airfield on March 31, 2010.

However, the search at the Reepham and Fiskerton No. 1 wells can proceed following a decision by the county council's planning and regulation committee.

Cirque Energy will be required to make a separate application if it finds oil and wants to expand operations.

Committee Chairman, Cllr. Ian Fleetwood, Conservative (Cherry Willingham & Fiskerton Division) is reported to have said:
"I have been to Fiskerton Parish Council meetings and they have not registered any issues with me."
Cllr. Fleetwood, who was re-elected as a West Lindsey District Councillor for the Bardney Ward, last week and added nodding donkeys had not been a campaign trail issue.

Temporary planning permission allowing one exploratory bore hole to be drilled was first granted in July 1997. This was extended further in March 1998 and in 2002 permission to allow oil production was given to Cirque Energy.
The nodding donkeys were later left unused for five years and work has just recently been carried out to prepare for future testing.
Ministry of Defence land manager, Defence Estates, and West Lindsey District Council made no objections to the application during the consultation period.

Cllr. Mrs. Meg Davidson, Conservative (Fiskerton Ward) is reported to have said rising oil prices could make the business near the village 'economically viable' for its owners.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Conservatives Strengthen Control on West Lindsey District Council

The Conservatives have retained their grip on West Lindsey District Council, dispite coming second to the Liberal Democrats in the poll of twelve of the twenty five wards of the local authority.

Following today's local election result the composition of the authority is: Conservatives 21 seats, Liberal Democrats 14, Independents 1, Independents (unaligned) 1.

Before the election the Conservatives had 20 seats, the Liberal Democrats 13, there were 2 Independents, 1 Independent (unaligned) and one vacancy.

The Liberal Democrats polled 9,770 votes whilst the Conservatives polled 9,553. Despite this the Conservatives made a net gain of one.

Meanwhile, Labour had their best showing in a poll for West Lindsey District Council with 1,902 votes representing over 8% of the popular vote. The United Kingdom Independence Party also performed well, securing over one thousand votes in five contest across the district - their highest poll since the boundary changes of 1999.

Unfortunately, Leader of the Council since January, Mr. Adam Duguid, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward), lost his seat in a closely contested battle for the Market Rasen Ward. Town Mayor, Cllr. Ken Bridger, Liberal Democrat (Market Rasen Ward) won the seat. Conservatives were celebrating their win in the Hemswell Ward when Cllr. Paul Howitt-Cowan defeated Mr. Scott Pritchard.

In the closest contest of all, Cllr. Mrs. Heather Shore took the Scampton seat by just one vote from Conservative contender Mr. Roger Patterson.

Deputy Chairman (Political), Mr. Giles McNeill, of the Nettleham & District Branch, said:

"We are very pleased with this result. We have managed to hold all the district council seats in the branch area that had a contest, it is good to see Cllr. Ian Fleetwood (Bardney Ward), Cllr. Mrs. Irmgard Parrott (Cherry Willingham Ward) and Cllr. Mrs. Meg Davidson (Fiskerton Ward) all re-elected.

"We are also pleased with the result in the Nettleham Ward, despite it being retained by incumbent Liberal Democrat, Cllr. Alf Frith, local conservatives increased our poll of votes by 341, which is very positive, which represented a 3.2% swing to the Conservatives from the prevous contest for the seat."
Full results are:

  • Bardney: Ian Fleetwood (Conservative) elected 604, Robert Smith (Liberal Democrat) 321, Sharon Spicer (United Kingdom Independence Party) 169. Turnout 66.53%
  • Cherry Willingham: Irmgard Parrott (Conservative) elected 1,204, Brian Gulliver (Labour) 534, Steven Pearson (United Kingdom Independence Party) 143, Trevor Stephen (Liberal Democrat) 1018. Turnout 73.19%
  • Fiskerton: Margaret Davidson (Conservative) 502, Christopher Darcel (Independent (non-aligned)) 240, Clare East (Liberal Democrat) 180, Carol Pearson (United Kingdom Independence Party) 129, Melanie Tointon (Labour) 154. Turnout 71.47%
  • Gainsborough East: Melvyn Starkey (Liberal Democrat) 1,019 elected, Timothy Davies (Conservative) 597, Richard Doran (Labour) 606, Thomas Johnson (United Kingdom Independence Party) 224. Turnout 49.21%
  • Gainsborough North: Thomas Brown (Liberal Democrat) 1,457 elected, Nigel Bowler (Labour) 608, Julian Myers (Conservative) 854. Turnout 55.78%
  • Hemswell: Paul Howitt-Cowan (Conservative) 599 elected, Scott Pritchard (Liberal Democrat) 536, Anthony Wells (United Kingdom Independence Party) 113. Turnout 65.52
  • Market Rasen: Ken Bridger (Liberal Democrat) 1,292 elected, Adam Duguid (Conservative) 1,120, Deborah Theobald (Independent Group) 276. Turnout 64.11%
  • Nettleham: Alf Frith (Liberal Democrat) 1,763 elected, Giles McNeill (Conservative) 1,098. Turnout 75.83%
  • Scampton: Heather Shore (Liberal Democrat) 815 elected, Roger Patterson (Conservative) 814. Turnout 71.6%
  • Thonock: Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrat) 889 elected, Keeley Henderson (Conservative) 592. Turnout 67.72%
  • Waddingham and Spital: Jeffrey Summers (Conservative) 1,014 elected, John Beaver (United Kingdom Independence Party) 355. Turnout 72.61%
  • Wold View: Thomas Regis (Conservative) 555 elected, David Kitchen (Liberal Democrat) 480, Bernard Theobald (Independent Group) 228. Turnout 65.56%

Monday, 3 May 2010

GE2010: Lincoln: Party Chairman Will Today Campaign in Lincoln

Eric Pickles, The Conservative Party Chairman is expected to be holding a rally in Castle Square, Lincoln mid morning with a team of local activists supporting Karl McCartney, the Conservative front-runner, for the Lincoln Constituency general election contest.