Friday, 7 May 2010

Conservatives Strengthen Control on West Lindsey District Council

The Conservatives have retained their grip on West Lindsey District Council, dispite coming second to the Liberal Democrats in the poll of twelve of the twenty five wards of the local authority.

Following today's local election result the composition of the authority is: Conservatives 21 seats, Liberal Democrats 14, Independents 1, Independents (unaligned) 1.

Before the election the Conservatives had 20 seats, the Liberal Democrats 13, there were 2 Independents, 1 Independent (unaligned) and one vacancy.

The Liberal Democrats polled 9,770 votes whilst the Conservatives polled 9,553. Despite this the Conservatives made a net gain of one.

Meanwhile, Labour had their best showing in a poll for West Lindsey District Council with 1,902 votes representing over 8% of the popular vote. The United Kingdom Independence Party also performed well, securing over one thousand votes in five contest across the district - their highest poll since the boundary changes of 1999.

Unfortunately, Leader of the Council since January, Mr. Adam Duguid, Conservative (Market Rasen Ward), lost his seat in a closely contested battle for the Market Rasen Ward. Town Mayor, Cllr. Ken Bridger, Liberal Democrat (Market Rasen Ward) won the seat. Conservatives were celebrating their win in the Hemswell Ward when Cllr. Paul Howitt-Cowan defeated Mr. Scott Pritchard.

In the closest contest of all, Cllr. Mrs. Heather Shore took the Scampton seat by just one vote from Conservative contender Mr. Roger Patterson.

Deputy Chairman (Political), Mr. Giles McNeill, of the Nettleham & District Branch, said:

"We are very pleased with this result. We have managed to hold all the district council seats in the branch area that had a contest, it is good to see Cllr. Ian Fleetwood (Bardney Ward), Cllr. Mrs. Irmgard Parrott (Cherry Willingham Ward) and Cllr. Mrs. Meg Davidson (Fiskerton Ward) all re-elected.

"We are also pleased with the result in the Nettleham Ward, despite it being retained by incumbent Liberal Democrat, Cllr. Alf Frith, local conservatives increased our poll of votes by 341, which is very positive, which represented a 3.2% swing to the Conservatives from the prevous contest for the seat."
Full results are:

  • Bardney: Ian Fleetwood (Conservative) elected 604, Robert Smith (Liberal Democrat) 321, Sharon Spicer (United Kingdom Independence Party) 169. Turnout 66.53%
  • Cherry Willingham: Irmgard Parrott (Conservative) elected 1,204, Brian Gulliver (Labour) 534, Steven Pearson (United Kingdom Independence Party) 143, Trevor Stephen (Liberal Democrat) 1018. Turnout 73.19%
  • Fiskerton: Margaret Davidson (Conservative) 502, Christopher Darcel (Independent (non-aligned)) 240, Clare East (Liberal Democrat) 180, Carol Pearson (United Kingdom Independence Party) 129, Melanie Tointon (Labour) 154. Turnout 71.47%
  • Gainsborough East: Melvyn Starkey (Liberal Democrat) 1,019 elected, Timothy Davies (Conservative) 597, Richard Doran (Labour) 606, Thomas Johnson (United Kingdom Independence Party) 224. Turnout 49.21%
  • Gainsborough North: Thomas Brown (Liberal Democrat) 1,457 elected, Nigel Bowler (Labour) 608, Julian Myers (Conservative) 854. Turnout 55.78%
  • Hemswell: Paul Howitt-Cowan (Conservative) 599 elected, Scott Pritchard (Liberal Democrat) 536, Anthony Wells (United Kingdom Independence Party) 113. Turnout 65.52
  • Market Rasen: Ken Bridger (Liberal Democrat) 1,292 elected, Adam Duguid (Conservative) 1,120, Deborah Theobald (Independent Group) 276. Turnout 64.11%
  • Nettleham: Alf Frith (Liberal Democrat) 1,763 elected, Giles McNeill (Conservative) 1,098. Turnout 75.83%
  • Scampton: Heather Shore (Liberal Democrat) 815 elected, Roger Patterson (Conservative) 814. Turnout 71.6%
  • Thonock: Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrat) 889 elected, Keeley Henderson (Conservative) 592. Turnout 67.72%
  • Waddingham and Spital: Jeffrey Summers (Conservative) 1,014 elected, John Beaver (United Kingdom Independence Party) 355. Turnout 72.61%
  • Wold View: Thomas Regis (Conservative) 555 elected, David Kitchen (Liberal Democrat) 480, Bernard Theobald (Independent Group) 228. Turnout 65.56%

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