Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Karl Demands Superscript 'C' Scorned By The Independent

The Independent today reports that Karl McCartney, the recently elected Member of Parliament for Lincoln, has entered Parliament determined to deal with a pressing issue of historical prejudice.
"Forget immigration: why won't Hansard and other publications publish his name with his preferred superscript "c"?"
This is the question asked by the paper and the subject of a recent email sent by Mr. McCartney to his fellow House of Commons 'son ofs' (including Esther McVey, John McDonnell and Pat McFadden), whom he invited to help him to 'communicate a collective request for change'.

The paper reports that narrow-mindedness has dogged him since birth, and states that Mr. McCartney explains.
"I have continually through my life, from school, through college and in the workplace, with my own political party and the returning officer where I stood for election, had to make a point of informing others that my name is spelt and should look a certain way."
Unfortunately, the superscript 'c' runs contrary to The Independent's in-house style rules and those of most other national newspapers - together with the abilities of this blog - so should he ever get around to being in them for any other reason than his name will appear without the superscript.

Mr. McCartney earlier indicated at the Lincolnshire Show that he had not seen the piece in the paper but that it was 'another one to tick of the list' of papers he has appeared in since his election.