Monday, 14 June 2010

Parishes Urged To Apply For Flood Funding

Parish councils are being urged to apply for a share of cash to protect them from the risks of flooding.

West Lindsey District Council has set aside a total of £110,000 to help beat the misery of water getting into people's homes.

A total of £100,000 will go towards helping partners with the costs of major projects and £10,000 is available to help parish councils manage flood risks.
Mr. Chris Allen, Public Protection Services Manager at West Lindsey District Council, said:
"Parish Councils are best placed to know about and understand flooding issues within their areas.
"This new fund will provide vital financial support to Parish Councils and their communities to proactively manage the threat of flooding and to increase resilience against flooding."
Parish councils will be able to use the cash to support their communities to help themselves to actively prevent and manage flood risk. Mr. Allen said:
"The grant may be used to train flood wardens, supply flood wardens with personal protective equipment or to pay for equipment and tools that may be needed during a flooding event."
But councils are being urged to get their applications in as soon as possible as the cash is only available this financial year 2010/2011.

"We have £10,000 to allocate and the money will be distributed on a first come first served basis"
Application forms are available from the Council's website at Once fully completed they may be returned to the Council electronically or by post.

The £100,000 has been set aside for the Flood Mitigation (match-funding) Grant Scheme.

This fund is aimed at supporting the delivery of major infrastructure schemes and projects around the district, in particular areas where communities were worst hit by the flooding during 2007. The focus of this support will be towards partnership projects that protect the most properties vulnerable to flooding and where Government grant funding has not been forthcoming. Mr. Allen said:
"Protection of these vulnerable communities is a high priority for the council hence our investment of £100,000 to support partners to deliver prevention schemes."

The schemes aim to ensure that additional resources committed by the Council in the recent budget speech are deployed in such a way as to protect the most vulnerable communities and households susceptible to flooding and securing value for money.

Residents are also being urged to have their say on West Lindsey District Council's Flood Risk Management Strategy. The strategy will set the council's priorities on flood prevention. Mr. Allen said:
"We would welcome your comments on our draft flood risk management strategy.
"It identifies how we will work effectively with our partner organisations, parish council's and communities locally to manage flood risk.
"The strategy will also dictate how we shall prioritise flood prevention and mitigation schemes to ensure that the most vulnerable communities are afforded the maximum protection from future, potential flooding events."
A paper copy of the strategy can be requested by contacting Anita Whiting on 01427 675125.