Friday, 4 June 2010

West Lindsey's Green Bin Service May Be Reduced

Green Wheelie Bin collections could change this winter in a bid to cut costs at West Lindsey District Council, the Lincolnshire Echo reports today.
Apparently, discussions have begun with staff about potential changes to West Lindsey District Council's triple bin collection system. The scheme, which brought the authority in line with other neighbouring councils which collect waste on a fortnightly basis, was introduced last year and represented a compromise for the ruling Conservative group on the council. In their 2008 manifesto they committed to 'deliver a free green bin to everyone who wants one' but following the loss of several million pounds in Icelandic Banks - following the previous Liberal Democrats' Treasury Management Strategy - the had to sacrifice continuing with weekly refuse collection.

If changes are approved, green bins for garden waste would be collected monthly instead of fortnightly between November and February and the bi-weekly service would resume in March.

It is understood that maintenance staff from the council who are left with a reduction in workloads would be asked to help with other jobs during the winter.

A public consultation is expected to be held later this year.

The paper reports that council spokesman Mr. Geoff O'Neill said green bins were normally emptier during the winter months and any changes could allow the authority to save cash.

All councils are trying to make savings ahead of cuts in Government grants.

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