Friday, 18 June 2010

Young Lincolnshire Tory Set Sights on National Prize

Mr. Simon Cavalier-Jones, Deputy Chairman of Conservative Future Lincolnshire was speaking at an important Conservative Future - the youth movement of the Conservative Party - Area Meeting last night in Leeds. Mr. Cavalier-Jones who is also a Deputy Regional Chairman for the organisation declared his intention to run for the National Chairmanship of Conservative Future (CF). He gave a speech setting out his plans for CF and then asking for the endorsement Yorkshire CF. In terms of regions Yorkshire, like Lincolnshire, is one the biggest, crucially it is also one of the most active. Any candidate with their support has to be a runner in this election.

Politial blogger Tory Bear reported that:
"East Midlands CF have already endorsed his candidacy, so we're looking at the prospect of a Northern power base Not much is known about Cavalier-Jones, except that he is 25 and works in consultancy. He worked across the East Midlands on the target seat campaign during the elections. He is certainly looking like the outside candidate and is said to have a fair bit of cash behind his bid."
However in another leadership race Labour Leadership contender David Miliband MP was left red-faced on Thursday night after being snapped meeting a contender running to be National Chair of the Tory Youth movement. The front-runner for the Labour Party's Leadership mistook Mr. Cavalier-Jones as a Labour Party chief in an embarrassing mix-up, London Spin exclusively revealed.

Mr. Cavalier-Jones is reported to have said:
"Mr. Milliband was not best pleased when I told him I was standing for Conservative Future chair and then ran away, I thanked him for attending my Campaign launch but make it clear his attendance was not necessary."

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