Wednesday, 28 July 2010

District Councillor Will Not Represent Villagers At Crucial Planning Meeting

A West Lindsey District Councillor has undoubtedly angered residents from across Nettleham by refusing to take place in the 'debate and vote' of tonight's Planning Committee Meeting.

Cllr. Malcolm Leaning, Liberal Democrat (Nettleham Ward), astonished many local residents last week by declaring his support for the Lincoln Rugby Club's proposals for Lodge Lane, Nettleham.

Now, Cllr. Leaning has left hopeful residents disappointed as he has decided not to take part in the debate and vote on the matter. Whilst those opposed to the development will no doubt be pleased.

Cllr. Leaning explained that
"[R]egarding the advice I had given the committee in December when I had anticipated a much earlier decision which would have been taken in my absence. Although I had not pre-determined any decision, as I had said I was awaiting reports, she [Rachel North] feels it would be safer if I just addressed the committee as ward member then temporally leave the meeting while the debate and vote takes place."
Cllr. Leaning at the beginning of the year was on holiday, abandoning his responsibilities to local electors, on a four month luxury cruise and had not expected to be in the country when the matter came before councillors.

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