Friday, 30 July 2010

Echo Reports Lincoln MPs Twitter Misjudgement, But Triumphs On BBC Radio Lincolnshire

The Lincolnshire Echo is today reporting that Karl McCartney MP, Conservative (Lincoln), who posted a message on his Twitter feed has strongly criticised people who oppose plans supported by the parliamentarian to bring horse racing to Lincoln's West Common.

The comments came after the paper reported on the Lincoln Commons Advisory Panel's decision to reject plans for the racecourse and recommend to the City of Lincoln Council's Executive that it does not grant an initial lease.

Above: Karl McCartney,
Member of Parliament for
the Lincoln Constituency
Mr. McCartney tweeted:
"It says a lot that Labour councillors and anti brigade try to judge everyone's motives by their own standards and twisted hate-filled republican logic."
The paper reports that the tweet has left residents and the six hundred people who signed a petition against a racecourse wondering whether Mr. McCartney is listening to them.

Ms Jane Kirman of Hewson Road, voted Conservative in the General Election. is reported to have said:
"He should listen to the people who put him into power."
The Lincolnshire Echo asked Mr. McCartney how he thought people might feel and report that he said:
"I would never insult the six hundred people who signed the petition as they have rightly wanted to have their say, but the premise of the information in the petition is incorrect.

"The problem has been the way the proposals have been wrongly portrayed by those who willfully have done so, aided and abetted by certain media.

"Yesterday's story in the Echo started with the line 'plans to bring back racing on Lincoln's West Common'. This is not the case because the plans put forward are about looking at whether it is viable to do so and do not say it should definitely go ahead at all.

"This has been about The Lincoln Racecourse Regeneration Company Ltd and Lincoln Racecourse Trust being allowed to investigate if racing is viable."
The company, of which Mr. McCartney is a director, is asking Lincoln City Council for a heads of term lease. It is with this lease secured that the company would start to work up a masterplan. But the Commons Advisory Panel, the paper reports, has agreed that if the company wanted to create a masterplan, it should go ahead without the lease, which the company wants to demonstrate the authority is interested in the project.

The authority will decide later in the year whether to accept the recommendation.

Mr. McCartney later edited his Twitter feed to read:
"It says a lot that some Labour councillors and a tiny majority of anti brigade try to judge anyone's motives by their own standards."
Mr. McCartney, early this morning, spoke on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and talked about the Echo's story and vehemently denied that he did not listen to local people and that a deal had already been done.

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