Friday, 23 July 2010

Lincoln's Conservatives Split Over Racecourse's Future

The Lincolnite is reporting that an unnamed Conservative City Councillor has blasted The Lincoln Racecourse Regeneration Company’s plans to reinstate horse racing in the West Common, saying that they are a 'bad idea that won’t happen.'

The councillor, who, it is reported, wishes to remain anonymous in order to still be able to vote against LRRC’s plans at the Council’s Executive Meeting on Monday, 9th August 2010, is reported to have said there is
"no general support within the Council"
for the racecourse.

The plans are 'a complete waste of time,' and there 'is no way this is going to happen.' The City of Lincoln Council is 'never ever going to grant them a lease,' the councillor added, explaining the Council still has to take each proposal in to consideration, including the one for the racecourse.

Karl McCartney MP, Conservative (Lincoln) and a director of the Lincoln Racecourse Regeneration Company, is 'a complication' in this issue, the councillor is reported to have said. The City of Lincoln Council has 'no political will' toward the racecourse plans, despite it having a Conservative-led council, achieved with support from the council's lone liberal, Helen Heath, Liberal Democrat (Carholme Ward). Accusations that the Lincoln racecourse is a 'Conservative conspiracy' were also refuted.

Meanwhile, the residents' campaign against the West Common racecourse is gaining momentum. The campaign, has gathered 450 signatures on an online petition and is also backed by television botanist David Bellamy, who said the Common is “very, very precious” and it shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes.

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