Saturday, 10 July 2010

Lincolnshire CF Endorse Simon Cavalier-Jones

Last night the Officers of Conservative Future in Lincolnshire endorsed local candidate, Mr. Simon Cavalier-Jones, who is in the running for the National Chairmanship of the Conservative Party's youth organisation.

Mr. Cavalier-Jones has said:
"Following many years as an ordinary member of Conservative Future, I am standing for National Chairman to try and create an organisation we can be proud of. I want to see CF nurture the brightest and best talent into the highest levels of the Conservative Party.

"I want to see CF become an organisation that is taken seriously and that we are all proud of.

"As Chairman I will tirelessly champion the views of the membership, and stand up on issues that matter to you."
Lincolnshire CF is relatively small compared with other areas, and Mr. Cavalier Jones was always likely to secure the endorsement of his home patch, nevertheless Mr. Cavalier-Jones will no doubt be happy to have received such support.

CF in Lincolnshire Deputy Chairman, Giles McNeill, said:
"Tonight we have met the two candidates, who have declared and remain in the race. Both Ben and Simon have their good points and are passionate about making CF better in the future.
"We believe that Simon has the experience, key skills, and intellect to take Conservative Future forward, building an organisation which is national in scope and outlook and less focussed on London."

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