Friday, 20 August 2010

Cavalier-Jones Begins New Public Relations Blitz

Candidate for National Chairman of Conservative Future, Mr. Simon Cavalier-Jones, has the gravitas and business experience to lead, according to his campaign team. In a fresh PR blitz designed to highlight their candidate’s broadcast media coverage and ability to comment on serious issues, a video has been released showing Mr. Cavalier-Jones being interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight Programme.

Commenting on the launch, he said,
"It's vital that we remember Labour’s Legacy, one of Record debt, Record numbers of people out of work and the great waste of Ken Clarke's golden Legacy. We as a generation face the greatest consequences of Labours failed educational reforms, the worst prospect's of employment since the 1960's and greatest number of barriers to Social Mobility that any generation has ever faced.

"The reason for this is not bad Government alone, but the flawed Ideology of the Labour Party, based around big Government, Big Waste and a belief that they can influence our everyday lives in the way no Government in history has been able to do. Labour are the party of denial, they can not point to one single achievement that did not incur a great cost. They are also our Main opposition, we have 5 year's to win the argument's that matter, to win the ideological battle and sweep to an overall majority at the next election.

"As CF we can be the agent for change, but we must focus on the issues that matter and not fighting pointless battles, I for one am happy to carry on leading the Fight against Labour."

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