Monday, 27 September 2010

Howlett is New Conservative Future National Chairman

Cllr. Ben Howlett has been elected as the new national Chairman of Conservative Future, succeeding Mr. Michael Rock.

In ToryBear reports that just 173 people voted in the contest, out of an eligible 18,000. Which is a very poor turnout. Cllr. Howlett's first job is to reflect on that low level of identification with CF among younger party members.

Chairman: Cllr. Ben Howlett (Howlett 113, Cox 60)
Deputy Chairman (Membership): Miss Clare Hilley (Hilley 73, Cooper 47)
Deputy Chairman (Political): Miss Alexandra Swann (Swann 139, Khan 33)
Appointed Officer: Mr. James Deighton (Deighton 72, Sullivan 70)

Mr. Harry Cole (aka youth Tory Blogger 'ToryBear') summed up the result saying:
"Two women and a gay guy at the top. Without quotas. Without enforcement, without special patronising identity officers. Eat your heart out Labour.

"Though the massive drop in turn out needs investigation - someone has cocked up here."
Mr. Giles McNeill said:
"Had I known that my ballot would have counted as one of only 173 cast, I would probably have taken the whole thing more seriously."

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