Friday, 12 November 2010

A Glimps of An Alternative Future

The violent protests witnessed on Millbank this week were a stark - and deplorable - illustration of the anger that's sparked when politicians go back on their promises.

Even supporters of the Alternative Vote (AV), such as Professor Vernon Bogdanor, recognise that AV would increase the likelihood of coalition government and therefore coalition agreements - party-political bargains made behind closed doors and never put to a public vote.

The Liberal Democrats made the pledge not to raise tuition fees a centrepiece of their general election campaign, but rapidly ditched it when drawing up their power-sharing agreement with the Conservatives a few weeks later. Broken promises like this will become even more common if Britain switches to a voting system which delivers regular hung parliaments.

Everyone share in the frustration with politicians that casually renege on their promises but the Alternative Vote would not do anything to stop this: indeed, it will only make the problem worse.

Those campaigning for a 'No' vote, like this blog, believe that politics should be transparent and political parties held to account on their manifestos. We share the bemusement of Labour MP Tom Harris that Nick Clegg was so keen to push for a referendum on what he had described as a 'miserable little compromise'. That's why you should say keep your power to decide who you're governed by - vote NO to AV!

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Anthony Smith said...

So you mean if it was a majority Conservative government that tried to raise tuition fees, then none of the protests would have taken place?

Hold on, Millbank Tower is the HQ of which party?