Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lindum Rugby CLub 'Reasonably Confident' of Move to Village

Rugby Club remain 'reasonably confident' of moving to their new ground in Nettleham on time despite so far raising just a 10th of the cash required, report the Lincolnshire Echo today.

The Red & Greens are pressing ahead with plans to move from their existing base at The Lindum to the £1.4m facility, although the date has now been pushed back from January 2012 to the start of the 2012/13 season, which is likely to be September.

Funding for the switch comes from a variety of sources, including £100,000 from West Lindsey District Council's Leisure Capital Investment Fund.

But that funding is dependent on the club raising a significant amount of the overall total – around £500,000 – themselves.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Giles McNeill: Labour’s Two Trillion Pound Debt

Today official figures have revealed that the national debt has risen above £2 trillion for the first time in our history.

According to the Office for National Statistics the national debt, including the cost of bailing out the banks, now stands at £2,323,000,000,000. That works out at over £37,600 for every man, woman and child in the country.

This terrible debt is Labour’s legacy. They thought that they had abolished boom and bust and so ran large deficits even before the financial crisis.

Because of this, we are currently paying £43 billion per year, over £120 million per day, in debt interest. This is money that could otherwise be spent on frontline services like schools and hospitals. The average earner in Gainsborough has to work for 152 days just to pay the interest on Labour’s debts.

Commenting, Giles McNeill said:
"These are shocking figures. Labour maxed out the nation's credit card with over £1 trillion of government debt. The longer it is left the worse it will get. If we don’t take steps now to live within our means we’ll end up paying higher taxes and face deeper cuts just to pay off our debt"

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Local Coffee House Named In Top-5 In The World

A local coffee house, Coffee Aroma on Guildhall Street in Lincoln has been awarded the accolade of being one of the best coffee shops in the world by Cosy Coffee Shops - a website dedicated to independent coffee houses.

In the past five years the Cosy Coffee Shops team have visited over one hundred of the most highly regarded independent coffee shops in the world, looking for a combination of ‘nice places’ and ‘outstanding coffee.’ Cosy Coffee Shops’ opinion is well-valued in the speciality coffee industry, so Coffee Aroma are doubtlessly thrilled to be included in their list of ‘The Top 10 Coffee Shops in the World for 2011.’

The Top 10 includes independent coffee houses in Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and Vietnam amongst other countries, in a list of what Cosy Coffee Shops deems to be the top-performing independent coffee houses on the world stage. Of the Lincoln-based coffee house Cosy Coffee Shops' review said:
"It [Coffee Aroma] is a gorgeous, picturesque place, not to mention comfy and charming. I can’t think of a coffee shop with a nicer interior; just perfect for relaxing with a good mug of coffee. That would do me nicely, thanks very much, but I was delighted also to discover coffee of the highest order.
"As the owner (Richard Teasdale) prepared it [my coffee], he described his method… Richard – as you can tell – is a coffee geek, but in the nicest possible way. He has had some success at barista championships and has rubbed shoulders with the best in the world. He’s a friendly guy, driven to create the perfect coffee experience."