Saturday, 19 February 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Lincolnshrire Conservative Future's New Team

Members of Lincolnshire Conservative Future met at the White Hart, Bailgate, Lincoln today for their Annual General Meeting and have elected a new team to head up the organisation. The result of the elections is: 
  • Area Chairman: Mr. Chris Green (Louth CF) UNOPPOSED
  • Deputy Chairman (Political): Mr. Aaron Spencer (Boston CF) ELECTED, Mr. Robin-Hunter Clarke (Skegness CF)
  • Deputy Chairman (Membership & Finance): Mr. Thomas Ashton (Boston CF) UNOPPOSED
  • Vice Chair (Social Action): Miss Poppy Hubbard (Lincoln CF) UNOPPOSED
  • Vice Chair (Universities): Mr. Mark Dixon (Lincoln CF) UNOPPOSED
  • Vice Chair (Events): Mr. James Hopkins (Louth CF) UNOPPOSED

Lincolnshire CF Area Team (from left to right): Thomas Ashton,
Chris Green, Holly Hubbard,  James Hopkins, Mark Dixon
and Aaron Spencer.
The young Conservatives also held a conference which had presentations including: the No2AV Campaign, Conservative Policy Forum, Campaign 2011 and guest speaker Karl McCartney MP for the Lincoln Constituency who talked about the 'national picture' and took questions.

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