Friday, 4 February 2011

Furious Karl McCartney Hits Out At Lincolnshire Echo

A furious Karl McCartney MP, Conservative (Lincoln), has hit out at claims published in today's Lincolnshire Echo which declared he has been sleeping on the floor of his House of Commons Office.

The report stated:
"The Conservative MP for Lincoln made the claim as the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority published the latest tranche of MPs' expenses claims for September and October last year.

"In December, the authority also published details of MPs' expenses from May until the end of August.
"The documents revealed Mr McCartney has claimed £20,954 since being elected in May – the highest of any MP in the county.  
"But that does not include any expenditure relating to his second home in London, such as rent and bills."
Tweeting just before half past eight, Mr. McCartney said:
"Shoddy sensationalist claims by Echo. I expressly pointed out I wasn't forced to sleep on the floor, & other MPs don't employ anyone then?"

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