Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Shore: "I don't agree with Nick."

Cllr. Reg Shore, Liberal Democrat (Stow Ward), has surprised many with comments made to the Lincolnshire Echo, in an article published today, about the local election contest for West Lindsey District Council due on Thursday, 5th May 2011. Cllr. Shore is quoted as saying:
"I don't agree with Nick. I never have and that's based on the issue of student fees."
 'West Lindsey Focus' delivered
prior to the 2010 General Election
The shock disclosure that Cllr. Shore does not and has not ever supported Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat Leader is somewhat at odds with the facts. Cllr. Shore having appeared in election literature last year with Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for the Gainsborough Constituency, Cllr. Pat O'Conner, and the Deputy Prime Minister.

Cllr. Shore is also reported to have provided the following withering critique of his leader:
"Nick Clegg will not sort flooding or has vision for West Lindsey".
However, one of Cllr. Shore's district and county colleagues described him as 'Canute' - a man who sat in the waters as they rose during his time of leadership of West Lindsey District Council in 2007.

Peter McNeill (right) meets former
Prime Minsiter, John Major.
Cllr. Shore's opponent in the Stow Ward Contest, Mr. Peter McNeill said:
"I would be interested to know how many of Reg's Lib Dem colleagues would support his views; the point of being in a party is that you share common values - they seem more divided than ever. I am pleased that the Conservative Group is united"

"Conservatives on West Lindsey have a record of action and are promising more, in this election, for the future: Such as the Council Tax freeze and keeping it low, the 130 jobs for young people - recognised recently in national awards.

"Reg should be clear that people really want someone who will tackle their local issues and work hard for them; not panda to the tabloids and go headline grabbing."
Conservatives on West Lindsey District Council have been proactive in drawing down funding for flood defence and using the council's resources - such as the recently completed major control basin at Fiskerton, and are preparing similar schemes at Saxilby and Waddingham.

Conservatives set aside thousands of pounds for parish councils for flood control equipment such as aqua sacs - which Nettleham Parish Council took advantage of.

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