Thursday, 5 May 2011

New Nettleham Parish Council Elected

The following twelve persons have been elected as Parish Councillors for Nettleham Parish Council, to fill twelve vacancies:

  1. Cllr. Allan Bonney, Re-elected.
  2. Cllr. Mrs. Janice Clayton (Vice-Chairman of the Council), Re-elected.
  3. Cllr. John Downs (Chairman of the Property Committee), Re-elected.
  4. Cllr. John Evans (Chairman of the Parish Plan Steering Committee), Re-elected.
  5. Mr. Alf Frith, Returning after a one year absence.
  6. Cllr. Mrs. Susan Harland, Re-Elected.
  7. Cllr. John Hill (Chairman of the Planning Committee), Re-elected.
  8. Cllr. Malcolm Leaning, Re-elected.
  9. Cllr. Giles McNeill (Chairman of the Mulsanne Park Users Committee), Re-elected.
  10. Mr. Joe Siddall, NEW
  11. Cllr. Michael Spencer, Re-elected.
  12. Cllr. Terry Williams (Chairman of the Council), Re-elected.

The following persons will retire from the Parish Council:
  • Cllr. Mrs. Valerie Darbyshire, after five years of service.
  • Cllr. Mrs. Stephanie Rouse, after one year of service.

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