Saturday, 11 June 2011

You Can Now Recycle Cartons in West Lindsey

West Lindsey District Council have announced that milk and juice cartons can now be recycled through inclusion in the recyclables that local people can put in there blue wheelie bins.

West Lindsey District Council in conjunction with Tetra Pak Ltd. and the carton industry body ACE UK has just started collecting beverage cartons as part of its doorstep collection service, making it even easier for residents of West Lindsey to recycle yet more of their household waste.

This change came about as Lincolnshire County Council were able to negotiate with Viridor Ltd. the inclusion of the collection of cartons as part of their existing contract for processing recyclables from the West Lindsey and City of Lincoln areas. These will be sorted along with other recyclables at no extra cost to Lincolnshire County Council and therefore no extra cost to local Council Tax Payers.

Once collected, these cartons can be recycled into a number of different products, ranging from plasterboard liner to high strength paper bags and envelopes. Please remember it will help us if you squash your cartons first.