Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Boundary Planters & Village Hall Blamed for Best Kept Village Failure

Above: Nettleham's score sheet
(click to enlarge).
Nettleham Village Hall and the Planters at the village limits are to blame for the failure of Nettleham to make it through to the second round of judging in the Lincolnshire Best Kept Village Competition.

As reported on this blog (here) Nettleham fell out of the race to be named Lincolnshire's Best Kept Village in the third category; Large Village or Small Town earlier this month. Hard work by the staff of Nettleham Parish Council has led to the release of the score sheet months before it would normally be available. One judge comments:
"First impression were good, but the appearance of the Village Hall and the flower boxes at two approaches to the village were noticeably disappointing."
Nettleham Village Hall is currently scheduled for major renovation works this August with a new roof and new toilet facilities. Nettleham Parish Council is committing the majority of the funding for the project (£60k-£70k) whilst the Village Hall Committee is contributing around £20,000.

The wooden planters, installed at a number of the entrances of the village, a few years ago, were done so without the fulsome endorsement of the Parish Council at the time. However, councillors were, narrowly, minded to approve the scheme. The matter was discussed at some length at the May meeting of Nettleham Parish Council's Property Committee.

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