Sunday, 21 August 2011

Grand Stand Fenced Off Amid Safety Concerns

Nettleham Parish Council working with Nettleham Football Club has been forced to fence off the Grand Stand at Mulsanne Park following concern highlighted in a Health and Safety Report submitted to the Council.

The Parish Council's Property Committee had raised some concerns at a meeting earlier in the year that, following the annual Village Inspection, that there may be some areas of concern relaing to the Grand Stand. A site meeting was organised between representatives of the Parish Council and Football Club and it was agreed that an inspection by a qualified Health and Safety Assessor take place.

The Parish Council were advised to fence off the area and seek the expert advise of an engineer as to the sturctural viability of the stand and the effect of a number of remedial action undertaken on the stand may have had to the stands viability.

Chairman of the Mulsanne Park Users Group, Cllr. Giles McNeill said:
"It is unfortunate that we ahve had to take this action. It is also unfortunate that this is having an impact on the Football Club; closing off the stand reduces access to the away duggout. The stand, and the seating seperately, has been assessed as having potential structural problems which the Council and Football Club must address and, I am confident, will address as quickly as possible."