Thursday, 17 November 2011

'Planning Win' for Parish Council

Members of Nettleham Parish Council have been pleased to learn that planning permission was refused, last night, by West Lindsey District Council's planning committee, for a substantial development on Greetwell Lane.

Nettleham Parish Council objected to this proposed development; the council maintained its strong opposition to the application, which fails to address the reasons for rejections previously made (Section 3 (PP3), Section 6, Section 7 and Section 8). 'In principle the Parish Council supports the provision of Sustainable properties; however, the design, intensity and siting of this development is not in keeping with the other properties in this rural location.' The council also felt that the development did 'not respect its close proximity' to the Bishops' Palace, an scheduled ancient monument, site and ignored the open aspect to the east of the site. The parish council stated that such an extensive development of this site would not respect the Nettleham Village Design Statement. If this application were to be approved it would, in the opinion of the council, set a precedent for future intensive tandem developments in this location.

The Parish Council also noted that West Lindsey District Council's own report (PL24 10/11 dated 17th November 2010) by the Director of Strategy and Regeneration states that 'the authority has exceeded the required 5 year deliverable housing supply and that residential development in primary rural settlements should be resisted unless material considerations indicate otherwise' which removes the pressure on the Planning Authority to achieve set targets.

Cllr. John Evens made representations on behalf of the parish council at the Development Management Committee meeting whilst members of the public from Nettleham also Spoke against the scheme. Cllr. Evan praised the work done by Cllr. Malcolm Leaning, Liberal Democrat (Nettleham Ward) who spoke against the proposal, saying:
"Malcolm Leaning did an outstanding job as our ward member speaking against the proposal, clearly having done a lot of preparation on the various planning policy reasons and put such a strong case across that the vote was unanimous to reject the application. The site visit of a couple of weeks ago also had a big impact on the members appreciation of the setting."
The development in question was an amended version of a previously rejected proposal to site a number of homes on land abutting the ancient scheduled monument of the Bishops' Palace. Cllr. Evans continued:
"I was also personally very pleased to hear the Nettleham VDS referenced on many occasions by Simon Sharp and Members, it is being taken notice of and was clearly a worthwhile project which will benefit our community for years to come."

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