Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Edward Leigh MP Believes Euthanasia Is An 'Encouraged Exit'

Local Parliamentarian, Edward Leigh MP, has said he believes any moves to introduce euthanasia would result in an 'encouraged exit.'

The Conservative MP has rejected calls for assisted dying, or euthanasia, to be introduced for the sick and elderly during a debate on care for the dying. Mr. Leigh said:
"There is no doubt in my mind that, if we allow assisted dying, it will eventually become encouraged exit. 
"One of the witnesses to the Falconer inquiry said: 'I think we can only go for terminal illness at the moment, so this doesn't actually apply to the people who are probably about to go into care homes. But, you know, baby steps'. That is a chilling statement. 
"To us, this is a moral issue. We believe that the body is simply the mirror of the soul, and however old, crippled or useless someone might seem to society – our society seems to be dominated by the worship of youth and beauty – they are of immense value to society and should be sustained by society to the very end of their lives."

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