Thursday, 12 January 2012

Linelands Expected to Close in May

Linelands Care Home in Nettleham is set to close by the end of May, with alternative care found for the forty people currently using the centre.

Lincolnshire County Council estimates savings of £2.5 million by the end of 2013 from the closure of eight care homes run by the authority across the county.  Linelands, along with Bonner House in Sleaford and Harrison House in Grantham, is part of the second wave of care home closures by the council.

Linelands has twelve respite beds, fifteen intermediate care beds and forty-six day care places, catering for people with dementia and with high dependancy needs.

The move to close the centre is in line with previous Labour government's scheme to transfer care service users onto personal budgets. The County Council says it expects to be able to implement personal budget with Linelands service users by the end of May.

The first wave of care home closures included Park View in Lincoln, The Cedars in Gainsborough, Ingelow Manor in Boston, Halmer Grange in Spalding and Crowtree House in Louth.

Interim Assistant Director of Adult Social Care Commissioning, Mr. Terry Hawkins, explained that if sufficient replacement care is not found for residents, Linelands would stay open later than May.

"After closing the five homes last year ahead of schedule, we feel we can safely provide the residents with independent care and care brokerage support within three months, but Linelands will not close before."
Executive Member for Adult Social Care, Cllr. Graham Marsh, Conservative (Alford & Sutton Division), assured sufficient alternative choices for care are in place.
"We’ve worked hard to identify and create those alternatives by stimulating the market and high-quality choice, with sufficient vacancies and specialism, now exists in each area."
The council is also exploring alternative uses for the Linelands site, such as a dementia hub alongside adjacent supported living accommodation, Church View.

The latest closures will bring the total adult social care job losses to three hundred and fifteen countywide, including at the two Lincoln sites, Swallow Lodge and Linelands. Staff has been offered training to find other care jobs, as well as support to set up their own businesses to offer services to those using personal allowances.

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