Saturday, 28 January 2012

Local Conservatives Welcome Rupert Matthews

Rupert Matthews, who has been part of the Roger Helmer succession sage, was welcomed yesterday to a supper club event hosted by the Gainsborough Constituency Conservative Association.

Mr. Matthews revealed the shock he had when he opened his front door to discover the senior Political Correspondent from Channel 4 News, Michael Crick, with a film crew, on his door step earlier in the week. Although one diner commented:
"It just shows what a slow news day it was; probably explains why I haven't watched Channel 4 News in three or four years."
Despite having written a number of books about the paranormal Mr. Matthews was unable to divine the future and predict if he would succeed Roger Helmer any time soon. Instead Mr. Matthews concentrated his comments, to his audience, on the European Union's history, providing a fascinating insight into the historical perspectives that are driving the European Project forward.

Mr. Matthews is an engaging public speaker who entertained those present with wit, knowledge and charm.


Claudia Oliver said...

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, Mr Matthews once gain proving he is quite down to earth and thoroughly deserving of his anticipated role as MEP. I shall watch the unfolding story with interest.

David said...

Rupert is an excellent speaker and made a good number of very sensible and positive points. It would be a real shame if he isn't the East Midland's next MEP.