Wednesday, 1 February 2012

EXCLUSIVE: New Development Considered for Nettleham

A consortia of three landowners have started preliminary discussions with Nettleham Parish Council which will ultimately lead to them seeking to develop a 30 acre (14 hectare) site off Larch Avenue, Nettleham.

It is understood that the range of housing developed could include starter homes for first-time buyers, accommodation for the elderly and even provision of a care/nursing home.

However, owing to changes currently happening in the planning system it is likely that planning permission will not be applied for for at least 18 months, if not 24 months. It is to the credit of the developer that they have approached Nettleham Parish Council to begin consultation with both the council and the wider community.

It is understood that technical assessments have previously been undertaken including ecological, highways and flood risk but that owing to the proximity of the Sewage Treatment Works there may well be some constraints to the extent of the development.

The possibility of what sort of 'planning gain' - benefits for a local community from development - the developer might offer are now being considered. Part of the development of the site might include landscaped areas, woodland planting, walks or an open space amenity which could include sports provision. Local community organisations such as the Nettleham Woodland Trust and the various sports organisations in the village will doubtlessly be approached for comments and ideas.

If and when planning permission is sought by the developer, from West Lindsey District Council, who are the local planning authority, Nettleham Parish Council becomes involved as a statutory consultee. Local people are free to express their view to both the Parish and District Councils. The most persuasive arguments that hold sway, when the Planning and Development Committee at West Lindsey District Council are determining a planning application, are those based on planning policy guidance.

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