Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Custody Suite Plans Likely To Cause Controversy at Parish Council Meeting

Following on from Lincolnshire Police's announcement about the possibility of establishing a new custody suite at the Nettleham Headquarters on Deepdale Lane local campaigners have begun the process of making their voices heard loudly and clearly.

The message they want to send to Mr. Barry Young, the Chairman of Lincolnshire Police Authority is 'No'.

In a letter to Parish Councillors Mr. Young says:
"[T]he media had been told in general terms that G4S intended to build a new operational deployment base incorporating a state-of-the-art custody suite somewhere in the county.  No location was given. During interviews following the contract signing, reference was made to the building being constructed, subject to consultation and planning permission, on the Headquarters site at Nettleham 
"The important point here is consultation.  It was not our initention to spring any surprises on our neighbours, and this letter is to assure you and your fellow councillors that Nettleham Parish Council will be an important part of the consultation process. We like to think we have always been good neighbours, and we can assure you that we will do all we can to ensure this remains the case."
However, in an unsigned letter, posted on a number of notice boards in the village and delivered to a number of homes for circulation, states that:
"When criminals are released from the new Nettleham cell block where Do [sic] YOU think they will go? They will be released into the village and can look for places to burgle to raise funds for the drink or drug habit many of them have, or try to take cars to get back to where they have come from."
There is properly a lot of concern about this proposal, regardless of how embryonic it may be. Tonight's Nettleham Parish Council Meeting is expected to seethe with resentment.

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