Thursday, 1 March 2012

Liberal Democrat Guilty of Fondling Breasts

Adrian Heath (left) with Cllr. Reg Shore (Right) at the
opening of a new Dentists' Surgery in West Lindsey

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Dentist, Adrian Heath, has been kicked out of the profession by the General Dental Council following a week-long hearing in central London.

Mr. Heath, who was once a senior member of the Gainsborough Liberal Democrats, who won a by-election in March 2003 and joined colleagues on West Lindsey District Council, representing the Cherry Willingham Ward and was seen, by some, as a potential rival to Cllr. Reg Shore, and who was their Parliamentary candidate in the 2005 General Election, has been found guilty of having fondled the breasts of two patients.

Mr. Heath, who is now resident in Aspley, Nottinghamshire was cleared of sexual assault at a criminal trial in 2010, but a professional misconduct hearing decided the allegations were true after ruling his evidence ‘lacked credibility’.

Ordering his name to be struck off the dental register, panel chairwoman Ms Lynne Stewart said:
"Mr Heath's actions in respect of these two patients amounted to a serious breach of trust and an invasion of patients' personal dignity."
The first patient, only known as MT, had an emergency appointment because of an abscess in her mouth. After an initial examination, Mr Heath asked for an X-ray to be carried out at the Genesis Dental Practice, Market Street, Gainsborough, in August 2008. He told a dental nurse to ‘take her time’ developing the scans.

Miss Heather Norton, for the General Dental Council, said:
"He told her that he needed to speak to the patient about something and that he would call her back when she was needed. He began to examine the patient extra-orally, asking if her glands were swollen and felt under her neck and jaw. 
"He then moved down to around her clavicle, her collarbone and then and started to examine the top of her left breast. 
"The patient recalled that he continued to talk about glands throughout. The patient, who had not been to a dentist for some time, had thought this was standard practice."
He then touched both her breasts, Miss Norton added.
"He moved in front of her and asked her to undo her trousers, at which point she said she was embarrassed. 
"He apologised for embarrassing her and re-examined her breast."
During this time the nurse, Ms Catherine Ayre, popped her head round the door to say she was finished with the X-rays. After the appointment she asked why he had needed the time alone with the patient, ‘not through concern, but curiosity,’ Miss Norton said.

Mr. Heath replied that he suspected she had a sexually transmitted disease and had advised her to contact her GP.

Adrian Heath (Above): Guilty
The patient contacted police and Mr. Heath was arrested and initially stood trial in September 2009, The case was halted after a second victim, known only as CB, came forward following publicity in a newspaper. She claimed that she was groped while visiting the surgery for an emergency appointment in November 2007.

During the examination, Heath had touched her armpits and the top of her breasts during two appointments. Miss Norton said:
"Mr Heath touched two patients in a way which was not only inappropriate but also sexually motivated. 
"This was a gross invasion of the patients' person and was gross misconduct."
The dentist had admitted not making the correct records, and examining the patients' necks, but denied the sexual allegations. He was found guilty of all the charges against him after a week-long hearing in central London.

Mr. Heath's wife, Cllr. Health Heath represents the Carholme Ward on Lincoln City Council and is the sole Liberal Democrat, what effect this decision will have on her chances of re-election are not yet known.

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