Saturday, 30 June 2012

By Election Called for Lincoln East Division

Map showing Lincolnshire County Council Divisions within the City of Lincoln
A By Election has been called for the Lincoln East Division of Lincolnshire County Council.  The poll is expected to take place on Thursday 2nd August 2012.

The poll takes place following the resignation of Cllr. Rev. Sara Cliff, who resigned after attacks in the press over the level of her attendance at Council meetings, despite a change in circumstances which had led her to be working over 100 miles away from the city and ill-health.

Mr. Simon Parr
The Conservative candidate, Simon Parr, will defend the party's majority of 86 from the 2009 Local Elections.  This was an unexpected win for the Conservatives three years ago.  Speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo Mr. Parr said:
"It doesn't matter what happened with Sara because we are where we are and we must move on as a party. 
"I will fight this campaign on a positive basis. 
"This will be my first venture into politics if I get elected, but I love it. 
"I don't care whether people are socialists, Muslims or Bristish, if they have a problem I will do my best to help them."
Mr. Parr is a mature student at the University of Lincoln where he is studying International Relations and Politics, living on the banks of the Brayford Pool.
Result of the 2009 Contest in the Lincoln East Division

The Labour Party are the main opponents. Their candidate, Robin Renshaw, is challenging to take  back the seat he lost in the 2009 poll. They should expect to do well based on their track record of success in City of Lincoln Council elections in recent years, although selecting somebody who lost the seat last time around may prove decisive.

The Liberal Democrats have a dwindling presence within the division. With the party often in single figures in national polls they did well in the 2012 Local Elections to remain in third place in the Abbey Ward, which makes up the majority of the division. A poor showing would not be unexpected. The local party has struggled to find a viable candidate and have chosen North Hykeham Town Councillor, John Bishop as their candidate.

Mrs. Pat Nurse
The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) candidate is is the only woman in the contest. Pat Nurse is a freelance journalist with four children from Waddington. UKIP did not contest any of the Lincoln City divisions at the time of the 2009 poll, so there form in this contest is difficult to gauge.  They have had a patchy presence in more recent elections in the Abbey Ward having not fielded a candidate in May.  Despite this they are increasingly organised as a party of protest and will be seeking to improve their position. The party took third place from the Liberal Democrats in the recent 2012 Local Elections for the City of Lincoln Council.  They will be looking to do as well in this poll.

Mr. Nick Parker
The Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts (Socialist Party) were first to declare their candidate, Mr. Nick Parker, who petitioned for the by election.  He is a veteran of a number of recent campaigns within the city.  They have fielded a candidate in the Abbey Ward in recent elections and were just two votes short of third place in the 2012 Contest.  The Socialist Party will be having a good night if they come in higher than fifth place.

The English Democrats have selected Elliott Fountain from Boston as their candidate.  They have not contested a single council seat either on the city or county councils within the Lincoln Constituency, with a track record of only 1.3% of the vote for their candidate at the General Election in 2010 Mr. Fountain will be fortunate to accrue more than a couple of dozen votes. expect them to come in sixth place.

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