Monday, 18 June 2012

Local MP Welcomes RAF Scampton News

Edward Leigh MP applauded the decision by the Minitry of Defence to station the Red Arrows and the RAF’s Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS) unit at RAF Scampton for the foreseeable future. This will include resurfacing the runway at RAF Scampton. Mr. Leigh said:
"I have just been informed by the Minister that they intend to keep RAF Scampton open. This is a vindication of our long campaign and a credit to all those who have worked so hard to keep RAF Scampton open. The Red Arrows are a treasured part of North Lincolnshire and I welcome their continued presence. The MoD’s investment in RAF Scampton’s runway demonstrates a welcome commitment to the future of the base. It is appropriate that the decision to keep open the historic home of 617 Squadron, the Dambusters, comes in the month which a lasting memorial will finally be opened to the brave men of bomber command, many of whom flew from bases in Lincolnshire. 
"It is fantastic news that we will keep all the jobs associated not only with the Red Arrows, but also with the ASACS unit, within the local area. 
"I have always been clear on my desire to keep the Red Arrows flying out of the home of the Dambusters and I welcome the MoD’s vote of confidence in North Lincolnshire."
Edward Leigh has been running a campaign to keep RAF Scampton open since the closure of the base was first proposed – triggered by the cost of runway resurfacing.

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