Friday, 13 July 2012

Forty New Jobs In Nettleham

Mr. Ridge (centre) with members of his team.
© Picture: 2012 John Jenkins, Lincolnshire Echo
As many as forty new jobs will be created following the opening of a new call centre in Nettleham.

Complaint Handling Services has opened an office on the Deepdale Enterprise Park recently, and initially has employed 20 people the Lincolnshire Echo reports. However, following the initial success of the company, they are looking to employ a further batch of telephone operators.

Mr. Rob Ridge, Director, said:
"We deal with payment protection insurance claims initially but we also have a company called Pension Handling Services helping customers with their pensions. 
"Everything has gone really smoothly since the initial 20 people started work here in June.
"Hopefully the business will grow and we are looking to expand to around 60 employees at this site. 
"We are part of a bigger company with offices in Leicester and Manchester but Lincolnshire was very attractive to us. 
"For a start, it is cheaper to set up here than in the bigger cities and the recruitment costs are lower here. 
"Having said that, we are struggling to recruit quickly enough at the moment, but I suppose that is a good thing."
The new call centre has provided residents with an opportunity to get into work, for which they are grateful.

Mr. Mohammed Sait, from Lincoln, moved to the city from London to live with his partner. He said:
"It was about six weeks from leaving London and moving up here that I was out of work. 
"Everyone who works here comes from a different background and age group and they make an excellent team. 
"When I was working in London there was no time to think but here everybody takes their time to make sure that they get things right."
Complaint Handling Services has also provided young people their first taste of full time work. Master James Robertson, from Welton, said:
 "I finished college and wanted to find a job. I heard about this and decided to give it a go. It wasn't really what I wanted to do but I have really enjoyed it so far and I will be looking to stay in this area of work for a while."
Mr. Simon Beardsley, Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, was delighted with the news of more jobs.
"It is good to see a company have the confidence to invest in the county especially while the general economic circumstances seem challenging." 
"It is good to see employment being created at such a significant level by a local firm."
Complaint Handling Services are currently employing please contact them on 01522 596400 for more information.

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