Friday, 13 July 2012

Gainsborough By Elections Leave Lib Dems in Control

Thursday saw two by elections conducted for Gainsborough Town Council, as previously mentioned on this blog (here).

West Lindsey District Councillor Mick Tinker, Liberal Democrat, as expected, won the contest in the Gainsborough East ward with 265 votes, a majority of 140 over the United Kingdom Independence Party's John Bishop. Independent, Richard Banyard came third with 61 and James Plastow forth with 49.

Top: Gainsborough East ward result.
Below: Gainsborough South West ward result
Meanwhile in the Gainsborough South West ward John Butler ('Gainsborough Residents Concerns and Issues') won with 303 votes to Independent's Timothy Davies' 121.

In the East ward contest the Liberal Democrats vote was down 21 percentage points, whilst the Independent vote was up 2 percentage points and the non-aligned vote was down 5 percentage points. The United Kingdom Independence Party, in there first showing in the ward cut a 25 percent slice of the vote; this compares somewhat unfavourably with the 43 percent showing their candidate achieved in the North West ward contest back in April, earlier this year.

In the South West Ward Contest John Butler's credible win with 71 percent gives a clear mandate from the local electorate. Timothy Davies meanwhile increased his share of the vote by 6 percentage points up from the twenty-three percent he received at the by election for the South West ward in March, four months prior.

The result of the by elections mean the Liberal Democrats lost a seat in the South West ward, as they didn't field a candidate, and in the East ward they picked up a seat from the non-aligned councillors. They remain with a majority of four.

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