Friday, 6 July 2012

Gainsborough Deputy Mayor Fined by Magistrates

Town Councillor David Manning, Liberal Democrat (South West ward), was ordered to pay a £400 fine, £15 victim surcharge and £43 court costs by Lincoln Magistrates’ Court. He also took 6 points on his licence. The offence was ‘failing to identify the driver of a vehicle’.

The court dealt with the matter in Cllr. Manning’s absence. The fine has attracted criticism from some in the town, and calls for Cllr. Manning to explain himself, reports the Gainsborough Standard.

Former Liberal Democrat Town Councillor Robin Perry, who now sits as an Independent, has complained to West Lindsey District Council, claiming that Cllr. Manning’s behaviour had brought his position and the council into disrepute.

In a letter seen by the paper, Cllr. Perry said: 
"I believe he has broken the Councillor’s Code of Conduct."
Cllr. Perry suggests he had also broken four of the ten general principles which councillors should abide by - honesty and integrity, openness, a duty to uphold the law, and leadership.

Cllr. Manning, is reported to have said:
"The fine was in relation to a vehicle I used to own, which was caught speeding after I had sold it." 
"I was summoned to court for the speeding offence, but I replied saying I did not know who the driver was, as I had sold the car."
Cllr. Manning is a retired car salesman and stated he had filled in all the relevant paperwork for the Driver Vehicle Licencing Authority (DVLA) required to transfer registration of the car.
"I know what I am doing and I’m always meticulous with my record keeping so I don’t know what has gone wrong." 
"If I had been driving the vehicle and been speeding I would have got three points. But as it is I’ve been given six."
Commenting on the complaint that had been made against his conduct, Cllr. Manning said:
"It has been blown out of all proportion."
A spokesman for West Lindsey District Council stated it could not comment on individual cases, but that it would continue its support to ensure Gainsborough Town Council remained a 'healthy, fair and democratic local authority'.

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