Thursday, 16 August 2012

Apple for the Teacher

Headteacher Mrs. Nicola Driffield and
Governor Mr. Giles McNeill
  with a
MacBook Air and iPad
Teachers and pupils at Nettleham Infants School will be getting to grips with modern technology when the new term begins in September. Classroom teachers and students are being issued with the popular iPad tablet computers, made by Apple.

Teachers will benefit from the iPads ability to help them manage their classrooms more efficiently. Whilst providing a powerful new tool to achieve the outstanding outcomes that every parent wants for their child. Nettleham Infants School’s 4 – 6 year olds will be using the devices in the classroom too. The children will be able to choose and find resources that they need, and share their learning with classmates.

Teachers already working with iPads have noticed how the pupils retain much more information since the devices started to appear in classrooms. Motivation and behaviour are also enhanced.

Giles McNeill, Chairman of the School Governor's Finance, Land and Buildings & Health and Safety Committee, took delivery of the first set of devices today; he said: 
"It is important that we give the children in our school the best possible start we can. Tablet computers are the latest technology and our children will grow up in a world where these devices will continue to be evermore commonplace.

"I believe that this change is positive and very exciting, with a set of iPads in the classroom the teacher becomes a facilitator of learning. Other forms of technology – like the interactive whiteboards, great as they are – leave the technology still in the hands of the teacher and the children as onlookers. The iPad will change that dynamic within the classroom."
In the first instance the iPads will be used by the older children at the school, but consideration is being given to whether similar devices should be roll-out to the reception classes.

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