Tuesday, 2 October 2012

EXCLUSIVE: 'Tractor' Spontaniously Combusts on Washdyke Lane, Nettleham

Remains of the 'Tractor' that caught fire on
Washdyke Lane, Nettleham
Residents of Washdyke Lane, Nettleham have been left shocked after what has been described as a 'tractor' caught fire earlier today. Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue were called to the scene shortly after midday.

According to an eyewitness account the driver of the vehicle was seen running from side-to-side of the engine with a small extinguisher trying to bring flames under control. The tractor’s fuel tank burst, spilling fuel down road, with flames up to twenty feet high, visible from the A46 ring road at its height.

Around lunchtime on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012 the vehicle caught fire and by two o'clock, the road remained closed between the end of Kingsway to the bus-stop and the Highways department had been contacted.

Firemen used two main jets and two breathing apparatus, and extinguished the fire. One fire engine remained on scene to clear out the area. The cause of the fire is still unknown. No one was reportedly injured in the incident.

Passengers on the No. 11 bus, arriving in Nettleham from Lincoln, as they turned on to Washdyke Lane were faced with a scene of carnage on the carriage way.

District Councillor for the Nettleham Ward, Giles McNeill, speaking at the scene, said:
"It seems to have been a very severe fire, and very serious incident. I have spoken with a member of Lincolnshire Police to understand what may have happened here today.
"I am not aware if anyone has been injured at this early stage. I hope that those involved are safe and well and that answers will be forthcoming." 

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