Thursday, 9 May 2013

County Conservatives Form Coalition with Liberal Democrat and Independent Councillors

Conservative councillors on Lincolnshire County Council have forged a coalition with a number of Liberal Democrat and independent councillors to provide a stable administration following the council moving to no overall control in last weeks local elections.
Above: Tim Iredale (BBC Look North) talks to Cllr. Martin
Hill OBE and Cllr. Chris Brewis. (Photo: S. Edwards]
In a direct snub to former Opposition Leader, Cllr. Mrs. Marianne Overton, who leads the Lincolnshire Independents Group, Conservatives made it clear that they were not prepared to entertain Cllr. Mrs. Overton as a partner in any deal. Speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo, Cllr. Martin Hill OBE, Conservative Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said:
"The Conservatives have been blunt in that we want to work with independent councillors - but not with the Lincolnshire Independent Leader Marianne Overton.
"I told Marianne in a meeting [that] if I was to offer her a cabinet role at Lincolnshire County Council, I would lose my job [as Leader of the Conservative Group].
"In her role as Leader of the Opposition since 2009, Marianne has crossed the line in criticising the council during what have been very difficult economic times for everyone.
"It would be almost impossible to work with her."
The new contingent of 16 UKIP councillors will form the offical opposition on the Council. Whilst Labour have in recent days, like the Liberal Democrats, elected new leaders after their incumbents decided to step down.

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